Coward Brian Sims A No-Show At Pro-Life Rally

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Pro-lifers gathered this morning in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic at 1144 Locust Street in Philadelphia. Just days ago, Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims (D) recorded himself at this clinic harassing and threatening elderly ladies and teenage girls for defending innocent lives, repeatedly shrieking “shame on you.”


Sims thought his video would inspire his fellow radical abortionists to hound the “racist, classist” pro-life “bigots.”

Never mind that abortion has killed 19,000,000 African-American babies, that Planned Parenthood’s founder was a virulent KKK-coddling bigot, and that Planned Parenthood targets low-income communities.

But like many things leftists do, Sims’ stunt backfired spectacularly.

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh responded by calling for a “giant pro-life rally” at the same Planned Parenthood, and was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from pro-life activists and prominent leaders.

In just a matter of hours, the event was on and the date was set for Friday. Walsh dared Sims to show up and “stick a camera in my face.”

Turnout this morning was over a thousand, and attendees heard powerful speeches from the rally’s organizers. See the full event below.


Brian Sims, meanwhile, was nowhere to be found.

So, just another garden-variety cowardly schoolyard bully. They prey on the small and vulnerable, then when confronted they turn tail and scamper away like a bug when you turn the light on.

The last we heard from Sims on this issue was a pitiful video and tweet in which he said he would “do better” but would still “fiercely protect” the right to kill innocent babies. Not a word about the elderly lady and young girls that he attacked.

Non-apology not accepted.


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