Report: U.S. Investigating Russia's Involvement in Syria Chemical Weapons Attack

President Trump approved missile strikes against the Assad regime in Syria late Thursday night in response to their most recent chemical weapon attacks on civilians this week.


The president has received bipartisan support from many for ordering the strike, as many felt it was necessary and appropriate.

It has been reported that the United States has launched an investigation into whether or not the Russian government had any involvement in the Syrian chemical weapons attack that took place a few days ago.

As reported by Business Insider:

On Friday, senior U.S. military officials said a drone belonging to either Russia or Syria was seen hovering over the site of the chemical weapons attack after the assault earlier this week. Russia is one of Syria’s most important patrons and has long resisted U.S. efforts to push President Bashar Assad from power.

The strikes —59 missiles launched from the USS Ross and USS Porter — hit the government-controlled Shayrat air base in central Syria, where U.S. officials say the Syrian military planes that dropped the chemicals had taken off. The U.S. missiles hit at 8:45 p.m. in Washington, 3:45 Friday morning in Syria. The missiles targeted the base’s airstrips, hangars, control tower and ammunition areas, officials said.

On Thursday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Moscow failed to enforce their 2013 agreement with Washington that removed all of the chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria.

“Either Russia has been complicit or Russia has been simply incompetent in its ability to deliver on its end of the agreement,” Tillerson said.


Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the U.S. strike on a Syria was an act of “aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law.”

As many have said and will continue to say: Russia is not an ally nor are they to be trusted.

The U.S., in unison with a broad coalition, will look into how Syria got chemical weapons and if Russia played any role in aiding and abetting in using them on innocent civilians.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley delivered blistering remarks on the situation in Syria, adding that every time Syria crossed the “the line of human decency,” Russia has stood beside them.

Haley is the driving force on stopping the Assad regime and holding Russia accountable if they are proven to be counterparts in the chemical attacks.

She has made it clear that she is determined to make sure these kinds of attacks never happen again.


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