Why isn't the LEFT freaking out about Eric Holder still having a job?

I don’t disagree with John Fund and Hans Von Spakovsky, here

If Eric Holder were a baseball player, he’d have been benched long ago — if not kicked off the team. His batting average before the Supreme Court is abysmal, losing again and again in his efforts to undermine the Constitution.

This term featured four big strike downs.


…I just know that the reason why Eric Holder still has a job: it’s because his job is to protect Barack Obama until the man is safely out of office.  The Attorney General isn’t working for the country: he’s working for one specific individual.  So far, yes, so trite – but consider this for a moment: Eric Holder isn’t working for the Left, either. And they’re getting hammered over Holder’s misplaced loyalty, too.

Consider Fund’s and Von Spakovsky’s examples.

  • Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.  If AG Holder had counseled the government to be more accommodating of religious objections to having to fund abortifacients, those cases would not have gone to the Supreme Court.  And the federal government would not be busily losing all the outstanding cases on that topic in the lower courts right now.
  • Harris v. Quinn. If AG Holder had convinced the government not to back SEIU’s ridiculous attempt to extend its reach into private homecare, the Supreme Court might not have told the world that they’re willing to revisit Abood v. Detroit Board of Education (and its allowing of automatic dues collection).
  • National Labor Relations Board v. Canning. The White House came this close to effectively losing any ability whatsoever to make recess appointments. AG Holder certainly should have told the White House that the Supreme Court would come down on that power play like an iron crowbar from orbit. The NLRB is now going to have to spend quite some time redoing a lot of decisions that it did before.  That will take time and resources. Time and resources that won’t be spent on new things.
  • United State v. Wurie. …You would think that our top law enforcement official would be able to explain to the administration that yes, the cops need a warrant to look at somebody’s cell phone. Everybody else got the point right away.

…and so on.  My point here is that Eric Holder has a real gift for somehow ensuring that court cases that might have been decided very narrowly for my side end up being more broadly decided for my side.  Personally, I do not allow this unexpected benefit keep me from wanting the man thrown out on his ear*. What I can’t figure out is why Democrats aren’t trying to get Eric Holder fired. He’s been an absolute disaster for them.

Moe Lane

PS: On January 20, 2017 Barack Obama will no longer be in charge of the Democratic party, let along the United States of America.  This is as inevitable as the sunrise.

*Eric Holder got a lot of Mexicans and Americans killed, thanks to Operation Fast & Furious. I’m not going to forget that.  Particularly the former, actually: if we’re going to commit acts of war against Mexico or any other country, I’d like it to be from conscious choice and not stark, raving incompetence.


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