Rep. Diana DeGette's (D, CO) #obamacare denial.

So a Colorado woman (one Cathy Wagner) finds out that her health care plan, like that of 250,000 other Coloradans, got cancelled (H/T: @allahpundit). Ms. Wagner’s new plan (healthy couple in late middle age, apparently no kids) went up 35% (to twelve grand a year) and a higher deductible. This news is hardly surprising to anybody who regularly reads this site, but for the benefit of new visitors: this is not a bug in the system. This is the system. And Ms. Wagner’s purpose in this system is to be turned upside down and shaken vigorously, in the hopes that large sums of money fall out of her pockets. Or even moderate amounts of money. Hey, every little bit helps.


Now marvel at the sheer empathy radiating off of 9-term Democrat Diana DeGette, not to mention the deep understanding of how her party’s signature policy of Obamacare has negatively affected Ms. Wagner, and millions of people just like her:

“This is yet the most recent issue,” said U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colorado.

DeGette sits on the committee that oversees Obamacare. She insists the Wagners are the exception, not the rule.

“As we work through all of this I think that a year from now people overall are going to be very, very happy with the way the Affordable Care Act is working,” DeGette said.

…Except for Ms. Wagner, mind you: the CBS article indicates that she’s considering going without insurance. Because apparently that 35% increase was sufficiently high that the alternative of ‘eat the tax and save up the remainder for in case they really get sick’ looks attractive. Which is not nearly as important as the fact that Diana DeGette’s Congressional District is sufficiently liberal that the Congresswoman feels no particular need to show basic empathy for her fellow Coloradans.

That is, by the way, a major problem with trying to stop Obamacare before it hurts anybody else – or, God forbid, KILLS somebody because they lost their care*. You see, the people running the Democratic party in the House are largely in very carefully designed districts, so they feel no need whatsoever to moderate their positions, even in the face of widespread hardship because of their ill-planned and badly-implemented policies. And the Democrats who are in more rational districts mindlessly follow the progressive leadership’s lead. This is why you have to vote for any Republican over any Democrat, period, end sentence: the Other Side must absolutely learn that voting for Nancy Pelosi (and Harry Reid, for that matter) as party leaders is politically toxic, or else they will never get any better.


We do not have rational people running the Democratic party. Or ones with any kind of empathy, either. Rep. DeGette? She’d be a contender for House Majority Whip, if the Democrats ever take the House back. And this is the woman who thought that magazines were equivalent to ammunition.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Support whoever you like in a primary. That’s what they’re there for. But until the Democrats themselves repudiate the fanatical progressive rump that has a stranglehold on their policy positions, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Reid, Pelosi, and Obamacare**. Vote accordingly.

PPS: Would laughing in your face make you change your mind on something? No? Then don’t laugh in Ms. Wagner’s. I want her perfectly understandable anger and irritation deployed against the people who did bad things to her. It’s OK to shrug and say, ruefully Hey. Told ya: doing an end zone dance on somebody’s gut? Not so much.

*Population of over three hundred million? I guarantee you that it’s going to happen. Have fun explaining to the surviving family members that you had to break their egg to make that particular policy omelet, ye Democratic leadership.

**Also a vote for a bunch of other stuff that’s almost as appalling, but let’s keep this simple for right now.




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