Mitt Romney: don't waste your time. Just give *me* $50 million to work with.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you. I only read this:

Romney Planning to Rejoin National Dialogue

Months After Election Loss, He Will Host Event in Utah for 200 Friends and Campaign Supporters


…the rest is behind a paywall. Still: you want to rejoin the National Dialogue, Mr. Romney? This is how you do it: you give me fifty million dollars and then you tell me what you want said. Assuming that what you want said is nothing nasty – a safe bet; you’re ridiculously squeaky-clean – I’ll then say it for you. If you like how it came out, you can keep giving me money until it’s gone, or you’re happy.

No, seriously. How the heck would I do worse than the people that he got doing messaging for him in 2012? – The Team Romney folks that I worked with at ground level were all right, but the money that got raised and spent in that election pretty much could have been more profitably piled in a field and set on fire. I don’t particularly like DC itself and I’m absolutely indifferent to what the Beltway thinks of me, so the odds of some (read: “most”) of that cash going to Righty political operatives with a lean and hungry look is pretty dang high.

Yeah, yeah, yeah: and after that, somebody can buy me a pony. Still.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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