The (impotent) Press worried about being shut out of Obama's second swearing-in.

So I read this opening sentence from a Politico article about the White House press corps reacting to… well, read:

The White House Correspondents Association is strongly urging the Obama administration to allow press access to the president’s official swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20, following indications from inauguration committee officials that the event could potentially be closed to the press.


– and I have to ask myself: And if Obama declines to allow said access, then the press will do… what?

The short version of all of this is: January 20th is a Sunday, typically when that happens the White House has a quiet swearing-in on that day and the formal event the next, no worries, nothing unusual about that.  Reporters are still allowed in to document the event.  Only, this time the administration is apparently seriously considering shutting out the reporters entirely and giving them an official White House photo to mark the occasion – and there’s nothing unusual about that kind of casual, precedent-indifferent arrogance from the Obama administration, either. The Media apparently isn’t happy about it, which leads to the next question: who is least worried about the hurt feelings of the Media, here? Me, you, or Barack Obama?


Moe Lane

PS: You cannot make me respect you if you do not respect yourself.  If the Media wants to avoid these casual humiliations, then there’s an easy way to do that: stick Barack Obama on the metaphorical griddle until he starts squawking.  Until then, they can suffer.


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