New Heritage video: "Our Choice."

Heritage has a new video up on school choice (short version: they like it, and so should you):


…which they hope to have some resonance in the minds of the public, given that the movie Won’t Back Down is playing in theaters right now.  As Heritage notes here. the movie* is based on events in California where parents used the state’s new ‘trigger’ law to attempt to take a failing public school out of the public school system and hand it over to a charter school.  Judging from both the reaction to that (a two year brawl in the courts) and the movie itself (union leadership is, shall we say, not entirely supportive of the film’s message), I suspect that school choice will continue to be a favorite topic of discussion in the field of labor relations.


Which is not good news for the teachers’ unions.  School choice – and school accountability – is one of those subjects that can and does rapidly cut across partisan lines, as anyone familiar with DC Metro politics can tell you.  And, given that the last few years have shown that you can take on the unions and win, well… that’s good news for parents, kids, and good teachers stuck with having to cover for bad ones.  Big Labor? Not so much.

Moe  Lane (crosspost)

*Inexplicably set in Pittsburgh, but that’s Hollywood for you.


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