Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets eviscerated by Doug McIntyre of 790 KABC.

Hey, who wants to hear Debbie Wasserman Schultz do the rhetorical equivalent of stepping on a Bouncing Betty? Well, we all do, of course. The video below is theoretically 3 minutes, 26 seconds long – but you’ll have to stop it at least twice so that you can recover from your laughing fit.


As I noted elsewhere earlier, I needed the transcript to this. It was practically a moral imperative.  Fortunately, The Washington Free Beacon supplied one.  A taste is below: the rest of it is pretty much the same thing.  Which is to say: Doug McIntyre of LA’s 790 WABC absolutely slamming Wasserman Schultz over picking LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for being a keynote speaker for the Charlotte Democratic Convention; and Wasserman Schultz rebutting via the use of foul-smelling ink… no, wait, that’s octopuses.  Well, same difference, really:

MCINTYRE: The mayor of Los Angeles [Antonio Villaraigosa] was hit with the largest ethics violations in the 200 year history of the city, three of his campaign bundlers are doing the perp walk, and if it wasn’t for millionaires and billionaires, there wouldn’t have been a shovel stuck in the ground in Los Angeles in the last five years. He makes backroom deals with big billionaire developers, while pretending to care about the 99 percent—please, we know the man’s record, we’ve lived with it.

DWS: Well, okay, Doug, is there something else you’d like to talk about? Because I think we’ve probably exhausted this part of the conversation.


Anyway, I don’t know Doug McIntyre, don’t know his politics, don’t really know his media market. But what I do know is that he will be avoided by the DNC in the future, if only because any Democratic staffer who gets within fifty feet of him will probably now spontaneously burst into flames.

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