Belated congratulations to Scott Ott!

And to his team of four (Ott, Lisa Scheller, Vic Mazziotti, & David Najarian) running for four open Lehigh Valley County Commissioner (PA) slots: all four beat out incumbent Republican Dean Browning in Tuesday’s Republican primary, and at least three of them will be on the ticket in the general.  The fourth may or may not be; they’re recounting that right now.


We covered this race last month: Scott Ott, of course, is the well-known (and on the Right, well-liked) Scrappleface and PJTV blogger who got involved in local politics because, well, somebody has to.  His team of four reform-minded individuals are running pretty explicitly to put the brakes on spending on the county level; there’s more information about them and the election here. Congratulations on their success, and I hope that I can write that again in November.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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