Liz Cheney for National Security Advisor!

…No, I’m perfectly serious.  We have had to deal with two [expletive deleted] years of this administration’s clueless posturing on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: more, if you count the clueless posturing that took place before the election.  And after those two-plus years we are now being told that the plan for KSM is that he… be detained indefinitely.  No civilian trial.  No military commission.  Just keep him imprisoned until he drops dead of old age, apparently.


Gee, kids: are we finding out that national security is HARD?

Now, I don’t have a problem with indefinitely detaining the terrorist who murdered Daniel Pearl.  But the White House doesn’t get off of the hook for this one.  If they don’t have a clue – which they clearly don’t – and so need to crib off of the Bush years to get a GWOT* strategy up and running, then they should call in Liz Cheney for NSA.  She’s got the right background; the right connections to all those grown-ups that this administration has been slandering, libeling, and generally maligning over the years; and, most importantly, putting her in the job will be a tacit admission of past error on the Democrats’ part.  I don’t ever expect an open admission of past error; the Establishment Left is notably ungracious about being wrong, and I don’t have the energy to collectively beat into their heads the sense of propriety that they should have learned from their parents.


But we can certainly make them act like adults.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yes, the neocon is laughing at the antiwar folks.  Again.  Because I can.

*Global War On Terror.



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