Sen Kent Conrad (D, ND) & I agree!

Reversing the fiscal insanity that’s been unleashed upon us by the Democratic party would be a good thing, even if it means that some politicians lose their jobs.  I am completely in favor of this policy.  I think that I want to take this policy in hand and make sure it’s eating properly.  In fact, I have a list of Senators whose firing in 2012 would be an excellent start along the lines that Conrad has proposed:


Kent Conrad
Amy Klobuchar
Ben Cardin
Ben Nelson
Bernie Sanders
Bill Nelson
Bob Casey
Bob Menendez
Claire McCaskill
Daniel Akaka
Debbie Stabenow
Dianne Feinstein
Herb Kohl
Jeff Bingaman
Jim Webb
Joe Lieberman
Joe Manchin
Jon Tester
Kirsten Gillibrand
Maria Cantwell
Sheldon Whitehouse
Sherrod Brown
Tom Carper

Hey! Look who’s at the top of that list! Very noble of you, Senator Conrad. Then again, you’re one of the people who got us into this mess in the first place… so it’s only meet that you be one of the ones who expiates your party’s dishonor in this matter.

(See also AoSHQ)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: You never mind what may or may not happen to the Ladies from Maine, Senator Conrad.  Your party has other things to worry about.  Like how many of your compatriots are living on borrowed political time.


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