'It's a Little Shocking': Totally Self-Unaware Jill Biden Befuddled by Republicans Who Support Trump

Look, First Lady Jill Biden can’t be that dumb, right?

I mean, given that Mrs. Biden is a “doctor” [winking emoji], and all, but hubby Joe’s favorite minder told an audience of Democratic donors on Monday night it’s “shocking” that a strong majority of Republicans — 80 percent — still support Donald Trump after the former president’s federal indictment.


“Dr.” Jill attended a gathering of high-roller Democrat donors at the Upper East Side home of real estate tycoon Barry Ginsburg and his wife Merle in Manhattan, where she said the 2024 presidential election presents a stark choice between what she described as the “strong, steady leadership” of Joe Biden and the “chaos and corruption, hatred and division” of “MAGA Republicans.”

Um, “Dr.” Jill? Donald Trump and MAGA aside, may I have a word with you about the “strong, steady leadership” of the Big Guy? Never mind; we’ll get to that part, in a bit.

As reported by AP, Mrs. Biden then professed her befuddlement after reading a headline before her flight landed in New York that described a poll showing a majority of Republicans still plan to vote for Trump, who is set to be arraigned in a Miami courtroom on Tuesday.

They don’t care about the indictment. So that’s a little shocking, I think. We know what’s in store with the MAGA Republicans. We just know it, right? We know because we’ve lived it. We’ve seen it. We know what it’s like to see U.S. policy tweeted out in late-night tweet-storms.

OK, that’s enough — stop the tape.

Listen, doc — Democrats don’t care about your crackhead stepson’s likely illegal business dealing in communist China, Ukraine, and elsewhere. Democrats don’t care that a mountain of evidence continues to grow, much of which shows the direct involvement of your husband in the Biden Family Business, while some of the latest revelations show that your hubby and your stepson each received $5 million payouts — after attempts to launder the money through multiple banks and shell corporations.


And we know what it’s like to see a president of the United States intentionally create a historic crisis on the Southern Border — solely for a perceived benefit to the Democrat Party — which he, his White House mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre, and fellow serial liar Home Security head Alejandro Mayorkas continue to lie their asses off about a “secure,” totally “under control” border. Shall I continue?

Yet you, “doctor,” have the cojones to throw rocks at Trump?

Finally, Mrs. Biden ominously warned the gathering: “We cannot go back to those dark days.”

Oh, please. A strong majority of all Americans continue to believe Joe Biden has taken this country in the wrong direction from the outset. Hell, even a majority of Democrats don’t want him to run in 2024, much less continue as the party’s standard bearer for four more miserable years.

Here’s more, via AP:

The first lady, who introduces herself simply as “Jill,” is widely viewed by the political establishment as one of her husband’s strongest assets. Democratic consultants and pollsters say people see her as someone they can relate to, maybe even reminding them of their favorite teacher.

“Some people go to presidential fundraisers because, quote, unquote, it’s necessary,” said Bob Mulholland, a longtime Democratic campaign strategist. “People go to Jill Biden’s fundraisers because they want to hear from her.”

“Everybody who meets this woman loves her,” added Steve Westly, a Bay Area venture capitalist who helped raise large sums of money for Biden in 2020.

Westly, who is set to host the president at his home later in June, said Jill Biden is the “most genuine, sunny, warmhearted, kind person you’re ever going to meet. She just exudes that.”


Uh-huh. And untold numbers of Americans believe “Jill” is guilty of elder abuse for allowing her husband to run in 2020, but also, as various reports suggest, for pushing the usually mumbling, always confused octogenarian to run for reelection in 2024.

I don’t want to be brutal, but it’s clear to me that Jill Biden was all in, in 2020, and is all in, in 2024 for one reason only: Jill Biden.

Shame on the hypocritical-as-hell “good doctor” for that.


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