Fly the Woke Skies: United Airlines Rolls out Spiffy New Uniforms — With Pronoun Name Tags

So this guy’s sitting on a United Airlines flight, decked out in Nike gear and drinking a Bud Light, as he watches the latest LGBTQ offering from Disney — after almost missing his flight because he hit the new “Pride” sale at Target on his way to the airport. Just kidding, of course, but yeah — it could happen.


As reported by CrewRoom, United Airlines provided a “sneak peak” of its spiffy new upcoming uniforms, after the intended release was postponed for three years, due to the COVID pandemic. A United spokesperson told CrewRoom that the extended timeframe allowed the airline to “enhance the existing pieces and adapt them to the evolving requirements of the airline.”

So what “evolving requirements” are we talking about, here?

Functionality, or a period during which the airline could continue to watch the development of the “woke” culture and its impact on society? As various corporations continue to roll the dice and jump on the woke bandwagon, United Airlines executives now have their heads up their stuck in the LGBTQ sand — bigly. (See: Bud Light, Target)

The uniform designs are somewhat Star Trek-esque, featuring two predominant shades of blue. United’s incorporation of pronoun name tags into the new theme suggests eager employees will be able to proudly display their “preferred gender pronouns” while they work. [sarc] Spoiler: I — and untold numbers of other airline passengers —will ignore the hell out of those ridiculous “pronoun-identifying” name tags — trust me.


The United spokesperson couched the new uniforms this way:

This program tells the story of our airline — a story of our everyday trailblazers who connect people and unite the world. It has been years in the making, and we’re excited to be on a journey that serves the needs of our current and future employees.

Uh-huh. It also tells the story of your airline’s surrender to wokeism.

And while you’re at it, please explain to me how wearing silly irrelevant pronoun name tags has anything to do with “connecting and uniting our world.” Time’s up. Memo to United: Perhaps you should check with Bud Light about how the Dylan Mulvaney disaster has “united” the beer-drinking world.

Woke companies can make all the flowery excuses they want to about “connecting” people, inclusivity, serving the needs of their employees, and other such Pollyanna nonsense, but they have one primary objective in mind: to avoid the wrath of the rabid left by pandering to a minute minority of the public.

Think of it similar to an insurance policy, or buying “protection” from the woke mob. The dumbfounding part has been perfectly illustrated by the Bud Light disaster. As the crap first began to hit the fan, Anheuser-Busch doubled down, making their self-inflicted crisis even worse.


So then what did they do? Ignorantly believed that by denying the Mulvaney disaster was a marketing campaign, they announced they only made “one can” featuring the dude who pretends to be a teenage girl. So what? One can, one million cans, what difference does it make? A-B spent decades and untold millions of dollars building a customer-loyal brand — then threw it all away in the nonsensical name of woke.

United Airlines won’t likely suffer the same dire consequences suffered by the stupidity of the Bud Light brand, due to the nature of the airline business, particularly given that many travelers book through Expedia, Travelocity, and other such services, but the question remains the same: Why take the chance?

The Bottom Line

Four words: Go woke, go broke.

Target might not (yet) experience Bud Light-level consequences, and while the retail chain has reconsidered its recent, most controversial LGBTQ products, the Target CEO — like Anheuser-Busch, at first — appears to want it both ways, saying in a recent statement:

For more than a decade, Target has offered an assortment of products aimed at celebrating Pride Month. Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and well-being while at work. Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior. Our focus now is on moving forward with our continuing commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and standing with them as we celebrate Pride Month and throughout the year.


Keep it up, Target — and the next Bud Light will be for you.

UPDATE: In response to this story, United Airlines issued the following statement:

Our new uniform program for flight attendants and customer service representatives includes their years of service with United and the option to add pronouns to their name tags if they wish. The choice of whether to add pronouns is entirely up to each employee.


Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to include a response from United Airlines.


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