California Democrats' Latest Plan Against 'National Christian White Supremacist Movement' Would Only Further Screw up Kids

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In this episode of The No-Longer-Golden State of California…

An appropriate feature image, don’t you think?

It would only be better if California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom was standing in front of the flag, grinning from ear to ear. Newsom and his far-left comrades have turned the metropolitan areas of one of the most beautiful states in America into veritable hellholes, with some areas virtually uninhabitable by decent American patriots — and their plans are far from complete.


Case in point:

California Democrats are advancing legislation that would require public elementary schools to provide students with access to books about radical gender ideology and other immoral leftist causes in an effort to fight the “national Christian white supremacist movement,” according to the bill’s author.

Stop, just for a moment, and ponder the minds of delusional left-wing lawmakers and how screwed up they must be to obsess on bogeymen that don’t exist, rather than putting substantive efforts into helping improve the lives of their constituents. Mindboggling, ain’t it?

As reported by Washington Free Beacon, California Democrat assemblyman Corey Jackson “intends to combat the national Christian white supremacist movement, which is aimed to ban books.”

Stop the tape.

Several Democrat friends have asked me why Republicans want to “ban books.” Being well-versed in the art of handling idiotic questions, I recently answered one friend’s question with a question:

“Why do you think Republicans want to ban books, which they don’t? The response: “I heard it.” Me: “From whom?” The response: “A friend.” Anyway, I went on to describe a graphic example of a book found in a Texas school library. My moderate Democrat friend was dumbfounded. Imagine that?

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Anyway, Jackson’s bill cleared a committee vote and will now head to the full legislature. If it becomes law, it would put a state board in charge of classroom and school library books and texts. What could then possibly go wrong, given the law would be starting from the position of pushing against a mythical “national Christian white supremacist movement?” Yeah, rhetorical.


Here’s more, via WFB:

Books about “people of all gender expressions” would be required in every public and charter school, according to the current text of the bill. To remove any potentially inappropriate materials, schools would first have to ask the state’s permission. But certain religious books could be ditched without government approval.

While California’s attempted push back on “book bans” has a ways to go in order to become law, it represents an escalation of Democrats’ nationwide efforts to advance teaching of progressive ideology in schools. In response to growing pushback against their agenda, driven by parents and championed mostly by Republicans, Democrats have tried to portray their opponents as bigoted authoritarians.

And Newsom? What does the hypocritical, self-absorbed “pretty boy” think about the subject?

Newsom has regularly skewered “red state” policies [C’mon, Gavin — get with it! It’s now MAGA states, dude — learn yourself up, a bit] against explicit sexual content as “book bans” as he has pivoted toward national politics and his pipedream of becoming president of the United States.

The embattled governor recently tweeted an image of himself defiantly [sarc] reading from a pile of “banned books,” including “To Kill a Mocking Bird.” [ROFL emoji] The classic Harper Lee novel about a white lawyer who defends a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman during the Great Depression, was in fact banned by a number of “blue cities,” including Los Angeles.


Hang on.

Why “To Kill a Mockingbird“?  Because a black man was accused of raping a white woman, or because he was passionately defended by a white man? Democrats and their narratives are sometimes hard to keep up with [sarc] — particularly when they selectively violate their own narratives.

Finally, as one might expect from clueless Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of the United States has made his “courageous” opposition to “book bans” a key part of his ill-advised re-election campaign — with an able assist from pretend “doctor,” Jill Biden.

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