California Voters Who Read Adam Schiff's Tweet for Campaign Cash Should Give Him...a Big Fat No

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Serial-lying California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff might deservedly be called any number of disparaging descriptors, but the dude’s total lack of self-awareness is impressive — in a “Schiffty” kinda way.


While Schiff told more “smoking gun” lies about Donald Trump and Russian “collusion” than, as my dad used to say, you could shake a stick at — and later declared, with zero evidence, that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal “smelled like a Russian plot” — he hasn’t missed a beat. And that’s even after being kicked off the House Intelligence Committee by Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

So, what does the embattled California politician do? As we reported in late January, Schiff shamelessly filed to run for the Senate seat currently (though barely) held by 89-year-old Dianne Feinstein.

As we reported in early March, Feinstein was hospitalized with the shingles virus but was expected to make a full recovery and return to the Senate in late March. That hasn’t happened, leading some Democrat senators to try to shuttle the 89-year-old senator off to the side — or force her to retire — due to her extended absence from the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has slowed their ability to confirm judicial appointments.

Au contraire, said Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.). He told Fox News on Wednesday, as only the Louisianan can. (Kennedy is also on the Judiciary Committee.):


They are from the loon wing of the Democratic party, and Sen. Feinstein’s absence stops Sen. Durbin from ramming those nominees through.

They have demonstrated records as activists, they want to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to advance a social and economic agenda that the voters have not accepted, in my opinion.

Kennedy added that as many as 10 Democrat nominees could be confirmed during Feinstein’s absence, other than those who are too far to the left.

Meanwhile, Schiff appears to be full speed ahead, with his office firing off a ridiculous “FIRST, THEN, NOW” tweet on Monday, asking for campaign contributions to support his Senate run. Such a request wouldn’t normally be newsworthy, at this point, but Schiff’s tweet demonstrated exactly why voters should reject his Senate candidacy. Whether or not Cali voters ultimately do reject Schiffty’s run is anyone’s guess. I mean, we are talking about the People’s Republic of California — but the guy’s hubris is off the charts:

FIRST: I led the impeachment against Trump.

THEN: Kevin McCarthy removed me from the House Intel Committee.

NOW: I’m running for Senate to represent millions of Californians (including McCarthy). Will you donate now to help me become his Senator?


Exactly. Which, again, is why Adam Schiff should be rejected by a majority of Californians.

Yes, Schiff led the politically charged “witch hunt” against Trump, and yes, McCarthy kicked him off the House Intel Committee with good reason; so here’s the thing:

Both of those facts should serve as ample reason to California Democrats that they should make them think twice before electing a serial-lying hack to the United States Senate.

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