It’s On: Adam Schiff Sets Stage for Potentially Epic and Popcorn-Worthy 2024 Senate Battle

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Though Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has not yet announced whether she’ll run for reelection in 2024, the presumption from her California colleagues seems to be that the 89-year-old Senate veteran who has been plagued with questions regarding her mental fitness to lead is getting set to retire as multiple candidates have already declared their respective candidacies to replace her.


First up was Rep. Katie Porter, who had barely been sworn into her second term in Congress before she announced her intentions earlier this month.

Rep. Barbara Lee has also told some of her Congressional Black Caucus colleagues and has confirmed with the media that she’s throwing her hat into the ring but will wait to do so formally out of respect for Feinstein.

But perhaps the biggest news to date on the coming battle for the seat currently held by Feinstein came on Thursday morning after it was reported that Rep. Adam Schiff has officially filed to run:

In a statement, Schiff proclaimed the Senate “needed a fighter” like him or something:

“The fight for our democracy and working families is part of the same struggle. Because if our democracy isn’t delivering for Americans, they’ll look for alternatives, like a dangerous demagogue who promises that he alone can fix it,” Schiff said in a press release. “We need a fighter in the U.S. Senate who has been at the center of the struggle for our democracy and our economy.”


Schiff told The Hill that he had spoken privately with Feinstein about his decision before filing papers and making it official.

Not long after Democrats lost control of the House in 2022, Schiff – who is being blocked from rejoining the Intelligence Committee in any capacity thanks to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy – was putting out feelers on a possible 2024 Senate run. So while this news wasn’t exactly a surprise it does set the stage for potentially epic battles in the months ahead amongst “star” California Dems like Schiff, Porter, Lee and perhaps even Rep. Ro Khanna, who is rumored to be exploring his options as well.

Porter has earned the ire of some on the Democratic side for declaring to run so soon after she won her last election, and for seemingly not giving deference to the likes of Schiff and others who have more experience. She’s also been hit in recent months with claims that she treats staffers like absolute garbage.

As I’ve said before, this looks to be the beginning of many popcorn-worthy moments between power-hungry Democrats to come in this upcoming Senate battle. So keep your pantry stocked up with that along with some hot wings in the freezer and your beverage of choice, and then buckle up because things are about to get really interesting.


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