Biden Rejects Opinions From Experts, Instead Relies on 'Long-Honed Instincts' — How's That Working Out?

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On this episode of Another Biden Story That Could’ve Been Written by The Babylon Bee…

Oh, where to begin?

By providing multiple examples to refute how ridiculous it is to believe that Joe Biden, the most ineffectual president in the history of the United States, has “long-honed” his “instincts” to the point of ignoring the foreign policy advice of assumed-trusted aides and outside experts, and relying instead on gut?


Or, by blistering The Washington Post for attempting to dress up nakedly-failed Biden in new clothes?

Let’s begin with WaPo, and see where it goes from there, shall we? Check it out: “The president often rejects the views of aides and experts in favor of his long-honed instincts.” Really? Then, this:

Biden has articulated a foreign policy doctrine as explicitly as any president in recent years, saying the United States will side with democracies in their global battle with autocracies. But ultimately, allies say, Biden is guided by instinct and experience — not sweeping theories or cut-and-dried principles.

The Post then quoted equally-inept Antony Blinken, Biden’s feckless Secretary of State.

He has very strong instincts. But they are deeply informed by experience, deeply informed by constant conversations, engagements, discussions, and debates with his senior team and with others.

Oh, please. We’ll get to Biden’s disasters in a minute, but what of these guys is worse — or “better”? Either way, it’s a tallest midget contest — made worse by the notion that Biden has intentionally created crisis after crisis, every one of which Blinken has vociferously backed.

Next up, WaPo quoted Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.) who went full stand-up comic about Biden’s… wait for it… fluency: 

He’s got fluency on foreign policy that gives him confidence — he knows he can win the argument. It allows him to act with boldness and confidence, even when a decision he’s making may be ripe for political criticism.


Memo to Murphy: Joe Biden can’t even find his way off the stage, half the time, not to mention he often forgets which state or city he’s in, forgets the names of members of his own administration, and makes up ridiculous words. Using “fluency” and “Joe Biden” in the same sentence is comedy gold, Senator, well done.

In contrast, as WaPo acknowledged, Republican leaders have a “slightly different” [sarc] take on Biden’s foreign — ahem — “expertise.”

They point to the Afghanistan pullout, Biden’s desire to maintain communication with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his effort to revive the Iran nuclear deal as policies that have emboldened U.S. rivals.

With good reason.

Biden’s Afghanistan debacle was despicable at best, and unforgivable at worst — including intentionally leaving unknown numbers of American citizens behind, and at the mercy of the Taliban, the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet.

And while Biden cluelessly claims “China’s not gonna eat our lunch, man,” ChiCom dictator Xi Jinping’s threat to the U.S. — and the world — continues to grow. And don’t even get me started on Biden’s desperation to “make a deal” with the Islamist extremists in Tehran.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in an interview, as transcribed by WaPo:

President Biden has been wasting U.S. taxpayer resources chasing fruitless engagement with the Chinese Communist Party. It is clear that Xi is not interested in genuine cooperation.

Our deterrence against Iran is broken and must be restored, or we will face devastating consequences. Unfortunately, Biden is not doing what is best for Americans on the world stage.


Amen — squared.

The Bottom Line

Laughably, The Washington Post’s motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” While true, WaPo — along with the rest of the so-called “legacy” (lapdog liberal) media — does its damnedest to shroud Democrat lies and incompetence in darkness, daily. If that isn’t a threat to democracy, what is?

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