Totally Sane Joy Behar Says Gun Owners Have a 'Mental Illness' That 'Has to Be Stopped Immediately'

Joy Behar says gun owners have a "mental illness" that "has to be stopped immediately." (Credit: Media Research Center)
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In the realm of political talk shows, there’s nothing quite like “The View.” Let’s face it: Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and pretend-conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin combine for an hour of “entertainment” like no other on television.


From clueless unintentional comedy to outright rage, the ladies outright bring it, day after day, but in my not-so-humble opinion, the incisive brilliance of noted Mensa member Joy Behar is second to none, and her ultracrepidarian ability to pontificate on any subject imaginable at the drop of an ignorant hat is legendary.

Ms. Behar’s dazzling takedown of law-abiding gun owners on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” was a prime example of her pitiable prowess. In response to a troubled 6-year-old Virginia boy shooting his teacher in the classroom after school officials blatantly ignored multiple warnings that the had a gun that day, Behar declared that tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners across America have a “mental illness” that “has to be stopped immediately.” Imagine that. Noted intellectual Joy Behar pontificating from on high about the “mental illness” of law-abiding Americans who choose to arm themselves for legitimate reasons.

As reported by NewsBusters, Behar sneered “We need to grow up” — with “we” being all Americans who support the Second Amendment rights of gun ownership — as she immediately began to lie, falsely spewing in a widely debunked lie:

We’re the only civilized — well, not civilized, but I guess, democratic country in the world that has this problem. We’re between Venezuela and Brazil with the most mass shootings. We’ve had, like — what was the stat? Like 29 — there were 40 mass shooting it in the first 24 days of this year.


Damnable lies, genius. Then Behar kicked up the idiocy a notch or ten:

There’s like a mental illness going on in the country that has to be stopped immediately. And I believe that Joe Biden is trying to do something, but it runs up against these people who are getting money from the gun lobby and who want to keep that going. It’s disgraceful.

You’re right, Joy. Biden is trying to do “something” — the same “something” that Barack Obama tried after every high-profile shooting during his presidency: he’s trying to exploit horrific tragedies in the left’s never-ending gun-grabbing efforts to blame inanimate objects for the actions of people intent on committing heinous acts. Like all good gun-grabbers, Behar is incapable of understanding that people intent on doing terrible things are going to do terrible things — by whatever means available.

The omniscient Behar also dismissed arming teachers, ignoring reality as she continued to spew:

The beauty of this story is that the right-wing of this country would have us believe it has nothing to do with the guns, and that the solution to these type of shootings is to arm the teachers. So now, the teacher has a gun. Was she supposed to shoot the kid?

What would have happened if she had a gun? Who was, is she supposed to shoot? They also say that a good guy with a gun is a good solution to this. Well, there were good guys in Uvalde and they were too scared to go in against an AR-15, so that didn’t work.

Where does (a sane) one begin in response to such tripe?


The answer is not arming teachers; it is stationing visibly armed guards at the main entrances of schools behind electronically-locked doors, while all other doors remain locked during school hours, which is also vehemently opposed by the left. Why so? You don’t ‘spose because doing so would likely eliminate mass school shootings, thus punching a huge hole in the left’s ridiculous narrative, do you? Yeah, me too.

Shockingly — and I do mean shockingly — Behar fact-checked herself before the end of the segment, no doubt after being told she was wrong by a show staffer:

Well, here, I just want to correct one thing before the fact checkers go bananas on me. We’re between Brazil and Venezuela for highest total gun deaths, not specifically mass shootings. It’s a small thing, but it’s – [trails off]

“A small thing.” Uh-huh, no probs. But imagine that. Fact-checkers checking the geniuses of “The View”? Why I never. (Whoopi Goldberg was unavailable for comment.)


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