AOC Waxes Pathetic About Whoopi's Suspension Over Holocaust Remark

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One thing is certain on Capitol Hill. When noted liberals do or say anything outrageous related to race, at least one member of the intrepid “Squad” will rush to a microphone or TV camera to say something stupid, offensive, and most likely hypocritical. In this case, it was the indomitable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Following the announcement by ABC that it would suspend Whoopi Goldberg over her outrageous and indefensible claim that the Holocaust, — in which an estimated six million Jewish men, women, and children were exterminated by Adolf Hitler’s Nazis — was “not about race,” the erstwhile bartender did what she always does: opened her mouth to once again prove what a moron she is. As if there was any doubt.

Before we get to Mensa member AOC, here’s Whoopi and the other geniuses of “The View.”

Goldberg was promptly suspended for two weeks for her comments — and defense thereof.

Now, AOC has cried foul, suggesting that Whoopi’s suspension was unnecessary, given her apology and other (irrelevant) excuses. Ocasio-Cortez weighed in on the controversy of Wednesday, waxing eloquent stupid that Goldberg had already learned her lesson, as reported by TMZ.

After an unidentified reporter suggested that Goldberg has been supportive of the Jewish community in the past and that the suspension was “too much,” AOC eagerly agreed.


Yeah, you know, I think whenever there’s a moment like this or a learning moment like this, what is super important is the relationship between that person and the community they’re making amends with.

The last I read, Jonathan Greenblatt, who’s the head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which is a champion in the fight against anti-Semitism, accepted her apology.

I think we kinda take the Jewish community’s lead on this and they seem to see that her apology was authentic, and wanna move on.

Following Whoopi’s comments, Goldblatt appeared on “The View” for a conversation with Goldberg in an obvious attempt to clear the air.  While time and space prohibit me from riffing on the multiple examples of AOCs sheer hypocrisy, suffice it to say that her same benevolent approach does not generally (ever) apply to conservatives.

Incidentally, AOC’s anti-Semitic pal Ilhan Omar was unavailable for comment.

And “coincidentally,” as reported by the Washington Examiner on Thursday, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) updated its definition of “racism” following the Goldberg incident. Racism is now defined by the ADL as something that “occurs when individuals or institutions show more favorable evaluation or treatment of an individual or group based on race or ethnicity.”

Several years ago, the ADL changed its definition of racism to “The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”


Whoopi’s pal Jonathan Greenblatt explained the change in a statement, as transcribed by the Examiner.

ADL updated our definition to reflect that racism in the United States manifests in broader and systemic ways and to explicitly acknowledge the targeting of people of color — among many others — by the white supremacist extremism we have tracked for decades.

The ADL has been less effective in tracking the anti-Semitic extremism of the left. Go figure.

The bottom line:

I have never understood why seven in 10 Jewish adults identify with the Democrat Party, and half describe their political views as liberal. While everything from Barack Obama’s pathetic treatment of Israel and then-Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to Whoopi Goldberg’s insensitive-as-hell nonsense were inexcusable, there has been — and remains — no better friend on the planet to the Jewish people than the Republican Party.


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