Lame-Duck Adam Schiff Whines on CNN About 'Big Problem' With Twitter's New Free Speech Policy

Among the plethora of lying hypocrites in the Democrat Party, Adam Schiff secured a Hall of Fame place on my list with his multitude of smug lies throughout the Trump-Russia “collusion” hoax. Shifty followed up that effort with a totally baseless suggestion that the Hunter Biden laptop story was surely a “Russian plot.”


Schiff has not only lied, and made unsubstantiated claims of “smoking gun” proof he never produced, but he also counted on the liberal lapdog media and Big Tech leftists to back him up — or at least not to expose his lies and other such nonsense. Welp, two words finally rained on Schiffty’s parade: Elon Musk.

Schiff and his left-wing pals can no longer lie with impunity on Twitter, and expect the social media platform to fly wingman for them. Oh, the humanity! The existential threat (other than “climate change”) to the very existence of the Republic as we know it! And the scary part? Schiffty & Co. actually believe it — or do a damn good job pretending they do. Below is the latest case in point.

The lame-duck chairman of the House Intelligence Committee showed up on CNN‘s “State of the Union” on Sunday — of course, where else? — to whine uncontrollably to host Jake Tapper — of course, who else? — about Musk’s implementation and enforcement of Twitter’s new free speech policy.

While CNN’s principal reason for hauling out Schiff was to give him plenty of time to crow about expectations that the Democrats’ sham Jan. 6 Committee on Monday plans to issue at least three criminal referrals against former President Donald Trump — including obstructing an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the government, and inciting or assisting an insurrection — Tapper also asked Schiffty about Musk’s free speech policy, which the hopelessly partisan CNN host no doubt abhors, as well.


As reported by Miranda Devine in a New York Post op-ed, Schiff was all over it, vociferously complaining about the “big problem right now with social media companies and their failure to moderate content and the explosion of hate on Twitter, [and] the banning of journalists on Twitter.”

The hypocrisy just drips out Schiff, does it not?

Translation: “The big problem right now with Twitter is its failure to allow the left to spew virtually anything it chooses, including hate speech against the right, and the suspension of left-wing ‘journalists’ to give them a taste of their own medicine and show them the inherent problem with selective suppression or banning of  free speech.”

Devine perfectly captured the essence of the Schiffer:

Schiff is a calculated propagandist, who lies under oath as easily as breathing, and knowingly peddles misinformation to Congress and to media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, whose gullible hosts keep bringing him back on their shows to mislead their audiences.


And Schiff being Schiff, now in the dying days of the Democrats’ control of the House and his control of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, issued a veiled hollow threat on his way out the proverbial door, ridiculously warning Twitter and other media companies (which might be nervously watching the goings-on at Twitter 2.0) that they might not continue to enjoy “immunity from responsibility and liability.”


So, Schiffty? Why were you able to enjoy immunity from responsibility and liability for all the lies you told, and continue to tell? The question is somewhat rhetorical, but one thing is certain: Adam Schiff should never again be given the privilege of chairing a House committee. He is a disgrace, and he remains among the biggest propagandists of them all.

As I’ve observed an untold number of times, the left’s depth of hypocrisy knows no bounds. And my favorite part? The complete lack of self-awareness on the left makes them incapable of seeing it.


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