Adam Schiff Gets Ratioed Into Next Week for Fertilizer Spreading About Jan. 6 Referrals

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Does anyone even know that the House Jan. 6 Committee is still in operation? At least for the moment?

Once they produced nothing of value, even the liberal media seems to have turned them off, and they are likely history in the new Congress.


But Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) being Adam Schiff explained on Sunday that they had to spread just a little more manure to spread before their time was completely done.

He did a spot on “Face the Nation” where he claimed that they would be making their decision on criminal referrals shortly and that there was “evidence of criminality.”

“We’re all certainly in agreement that there is evidence of criminality here and we want to make sure that the Justice Department is aware of that,” he said.

Now, I do not doubt that they will be making referrals to the Department of Justice for some people and probably President Donald Trump. But that doesn’t mean they have “evidence of criminality.” If he had evidence of criminality, why didn’t they present it during the witchhunt that was their Committee proceedings? The proceedings were long on Democratic spin without allowing any rebuttal or evidence that went against the narrative, but short on anything that proved any crime.

But this is Adam Schiff, the guy who lies as he breathes. He still hasn’t produced the Russia collusion evidence of which he claimed he was aware as the head of the House Intel Committee. Schiff has a tell when he’s about to tell a whopper and he does the same thing here. He looks off to the side with that wide-eyed look. It looks like he wonders whether you buying what he’s saying at the same time he’s trying to make it sound so significant. He does it when he says that they want to be very careful about their referrals.


As former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara also noted on Sunday, the referral is largely symbolic and the DOJ doesn’t have to pursue it. I don’t doubt that they may take some action, although they already have the Special Counsel appointed. They need something to incapacitate and run against Trump for 2024, just like the Jan. 6 was used before the midterm election.

Predictably Schiff got pounded on social media for the pile of fertilizer, given his history of fertilizer spreading.

Karma is coming for Adam, though, in the new Congress, as Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has promised to boot Schiff off the Intel Committee where he has done so much harm because of his lying.


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