Teleprompter: 1, Biden: 0, as the Mumbling President Attempts to Talk About His Failed Economy

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Let’s just admit it. Watching Joe Biden‘s near-daily battles with scripts written for him by handlers is not dissimilar to our inability to turn away from crash sites; both are hard to look at but we can’t not watch.


In Biden’s case, while we know he’s going to go incoherently off the tracks virtually every time he speaks, we watch anyway — as if we can’t believe this guy is still the president of the United States.

Such was the case on Friday when the president, who turns 80 on Sunday, attempted to speak about his disastrous economy during a meeting with business and labor leaders. So how brutal was it?

This train went off the tracks before it left the station. Here’s Joe, in all of his mumbling glory:

This week we saw the growth in prices and business pay for goods and services come down, as well. Gas prices are down but it’s gonna take time to get inflation back to normal levels if we keep our job market strong so we can see setbacks along the way; I don’t doubt that, but thus far we’re in good shape. But, we’re laser-focused on that.

Wait, huh?

I whipped out my super-duper Biden decoder ring and I still can’t figure out what he said, much less what he was trying to say. Moreover, it was obvious that Biden saw nothing wrong with that word-salad dumpster fire, but for the sake of the country, shouldn’t the American people be able to understand what their president is trying to say when he speaks? Is that asking too much, my Democrat friends?


Just me, or was that special ed quality stuff, right there?

Biden ran into similar teleprompter (brain-functioning) problems in mid-October when he tried to talk about the miserable state of the economy — for which he is largely responsible — with similar results. The Republican National Committee dished up a few examples of how that went down:

There’s not a single solitary Biden man that is as old, uhh, younger than any Biden woman.

Wait— wuh?

Biden was right on this one, but for all the wrong reasons:

The [so-called] Inflation Reduction Act did a lot of things.

Yup, Joe, it did — like continue to drive inflation up.

And finally, as the RNC observed, after lying about Bidenflation for 18 months, Biden ludicrously warned, with a stupid grin on his straight face:


If Republicans take control, the prices are going to go up.

Sorry, Joe, that dog don’t hunt.

Nope, that dog don’t hunt, anymore — particularly after you’ve spent your entire dumpster-fire presidency intentionally taking actions that you should’ve known or been told would drive prices higher and higher, and force needless financial problems on tens of millions of hardworking Americans. But, hey — the “existential threat of mankind,” right, Joe?

The Bottom of the Line

The Democrat Party owes it to the American people to keep Joe Biden far away from anything to do with the 2024 presidential election, which I suspect they’ll do — one way or another.

And American voters owe it to all Americans to keep any Democrat out of the White House in 2024. That will only happen if the party unites — or even pretends to unite, if only for the most important presidential election of the 21st century.

If we fail to do that, whatever happens over the next four years will be on us. Think about it.


Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer handed the 2022 midterms to the Republicans on a silver platter. Both chambers were there for the taking. Yet? The GOP squeaked out a majority win in the House and failed to capture the Senate. We can blame “cheating,” “stolen elections,” and whatever else we want to blame, but the fact is the party remained divided heading into the midterms, and here we find ourselves in the aftermath of the red trickle.

If the internecine war continues through the 2024 election, we will face the same results.

What was that thing Einstein famously said? Something about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Yeah, that. He called it the definition of insanity.

Einstein was right.


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