Meanwhile, Pandering Biden Announces 'Climate Gender Equity Fund' and I Have Thoughts

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Oh, this is going to be a problem. At least it should be, on the left, anyway. The Biden White House on Friday announced the launch of the multimillion-dollar “Climate Gender Equity Fund” to “help provide women climate leaders with technical skills, networks, and capital to develop and scale climate solutions.”



Look, unless biologists were involved in the creation of this “equity” fund, how do these people know who’s a woman and who’s not? Oh, wait. Less than a nanosecond after Roe v. Wade was overturned, the left figured out how to define the term “women” in an unborn child’s heartbeat — never mind.

According to a White House statement:

With initial seed funding of $6 million, USAID is co-launching a new Climate Gender Equity Fund in, partnership with Amazon, which will leverage private sector contributions to help provide women climate leaders with technical skills, networks, and capital to develop and scale climate solutions.

The Fund is enabled by USAID’s commitment to gender-responsive climate action, including its allocating more than $21 million from the Gender Equity and Equality Action (GEEA) Fund, surpassing its $14 million COP26 commitment.

Aaand… including women in Egypt.

USAID has made a $23 million initial investment in a new nine-year program that aims to build a more inclusive Egyptian workforce, with an emphasis on sectors with the potential to contribute to climate goals such as environment and energy.


And indigenous-people women, of course…

This Facility will enable continued climate stewardship by Indigenous peoples and local communities improving their access to climate finance. This three-year, $2 million-dollar program, implemented by Indigenous peoples within Conservation International, will provide training, tools, and workshops to build long-term capacity and enhance access to climate finance.

This is insane on multiple levels, not the least of which are the multiple disasters Biden has created since his first day in office, including the burden on union workers who lost their jobs when he canceled the Keystone Pipeline permit, border towns overrun by illegal aliens, and the effect of Bidenflation on tens of millions of hardworking Americans. Then again, what can we expect from climate-obsessed Biden?

Amazon worldwide sustainability vice president Kara Hurst said:

Amazon and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) are launching a public-private partnership to address the gender inequities that exist for women in the climate finance ecosystem and to support female entrepreneurs with the resources they need to accelerate climate change innovations.

Amazon will commit a total of $53 million to help accelerate women’s climate innovation, including $3 million toward the USAID partnership, and $50 million for Amazon to invest directly in climate tech companies run by women.

Amazon will serve as a founding partner of USAID’s Climate Gender Equity Fund, a new climate finance facility designed to remove systemic market barriers that prevent women and girls from accessing climate finance.


Pretty clever, huh? Use the “existential threat to mankind” nonsense to openly discriminate based on gender alone — all in the name of “equity.”

But, hey — at least in the future, we’ll now have an equitable number of women — including Egyptian and indigenous-people women — tilting at “climate change” windmills.


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