Crestfallen Joe Scarborough Waxes Pathetic About '98 Midterms and 'Glorious Night' for Democrats

As even the orchestra on the deck of the Democrat Titanic realizes that Tuesday night is likely to cap a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day— and entire midterm campaign — for Democrats, “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough wistfully harkened back to the “glorious night” of the1998 midterm elections.


“Glorious night” for Democrats, of course.

Yep, America, as noted by NewsBusters, Mr. Mika Brzezinski’s Joe Scarborough‘s transformation from hardcore conservative to partisan Democrat hack is complete.

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough gleefully recounted how Rush Limbaugh was wrong in his prediction that Republicans would win big in 1998, Bill Clinton’s infamous Year of Monica Lewinsky. Instead, Democrats enjoyed that “glorious night,” as Scarborough waxed pathetic:

And I heard Rush Limbaugh howling, and he was laughing at the Democrats, these Democrats, they’re already circling the wagons. They’re already, cause the newspapers were filled with op-eds saying we’re going to lose badly in ’98 because we’ve allowed this guy, Bill Clinton, to put a moral stain on our party. […] Congress is going to wipe us out. Because all the polls were saying that Democrats were going to get wiped out.

And Republicans were gleeful, and were saying, ‘This is what you deserve. Three days later, we ran Newt Gingrich out of town. Because Democrats had a glorious night in 1998. You never know what’s going to happen. You just never know, do you?

Calm down, big boy.

Incidentally, Joe, I’m not sure how “glorious” that night was for Democrats, given that they added just five seats in the House and there was no net change in the Senate, while the Republicans maintained control of both chambers of Congress.


Here’s the thing: Run-of-the-mill left-wing hacks like Joe Scarborough can wax nostalgic to their hypocritical hearts’ content, but the Democrat Party alone is solely to blame for the shellacking it’s about to suffer.

Biden and the Democrats have backed a radical agenda from Day One of delusional Joe plopping himself behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, blaming everyone but themselves for their intentionally created crises.

Democrats have ignored survey after survey about the real concerns of hardworking Americans across this country, instead focusing on made-up “systemic racism,” made-up voter suppression, “MAGA Republicans,” irreversible mutilation of children’s bodies in the disgusting name of “gender affirmation,” their support for on-demand abortion until birth, and a host of other divisive issues far outside the mainstream of moral Americans.

Biden and the Democrats are about to be delivered a stark message, America. How satisfying is it to see Joe Scarborough and other left-wing hacks cry in their election-day oatmeal?


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