WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Mocks 'Virtue-Signaling' Before It's Even Named in Classic Video Clip

Rush Limbaugh decimates "virtual-signaling" in 1993 before it was even a term. (Credit: Twitter/@EndWokeness)

Nearly three years after the death of Rush Limbaugh, due to lung cancer complications, not a major event comes along when I don’t wonder or speculate what the “greatest radio show host of all time” would say about it. WWRS — “What would Rush Say” — has impacted my political writing from the beginning.


Often humorous, never vicious, Rush’s unique style drove liberals crazier than any conservative before him, and the mere mention of his name to liberal “wackos” continues to elicit bitterness against the man who taught conservatives across America how to put complex issues into simple, effective terms.

Such was the case in 1993 when el Rushbo’s TV show was also a hit, as he mocked the virtual-signaling left — before the term was even used — during their silly ribbon-wearing days. As you might recall, liberals “flaunted their moral high ground,” as noted by Blaze Media, by wearing a plethora of ribbons to identify their various causes and how deeply they “cared” about those causes. [rolling-eyes emoji]

It took “America’s anchorman” just 45 seconds to humiliate virtue signalers in glorious fashion.

Hi. Because I’m wearing these ribbons I care more than any of you about anything. laughter begins] And these ribbons say so. I want you people sitting at home and you people in the audience [to] look down at your lapel right now. […] When you look down, what do you see? You don’t see anything because you’re not wearing any ribbons.

Limbaugh feigned lecturing the audience, repeatedly pointing his finger at the camera as he continued.


It means you’re a bigot; it means you’re a racist; it means you’re a sexist; it means you’re a homophobe. It probably means you’re a white guy; it probably means you’re a European, and you and you alone are responsible for all the ills of America. But I’m not because I wear these ribbons. [laugher continues] I care more than you.

Classic Rush.

Yes, classic Rush. And also classic truth, classic courage, and a classic example of why liberals loathed the very decent man from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The exact same reason, of course, that today’s rabid left loathes conservative truth-tellers across Rush’s beloved fruited plain.


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