Here’s What Democrats Will Blame for Getting Shellacked in the Midterm Elections

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Well, it’s official. The Democrats’ Jim Crow 2.0 is on its deathbed – at least in Georgia. Early voter turnout has reached near-record levels, and when all is said and done, a significant number of Georgians will have cast their votes.


As of October 19, over 268,000 voters in the Peach State turned out at the polls to cast their ballots. This marked a 75.3 percent increase from the same time period in 2018 and a 3.3 percent increase over the second day of early voting in 2020.

But even more significant is the fact that black voters represented freaking 35 percent of all those who have voted in Georgia so far. Black men accounted for 46,016 votes compared to only 38,792 in 2018.

Remember when Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media were screaming their heads off about voter suppression when Georgia’s Republican government passed a series of election integrity measures? They insisted that these laws would disenfranchise black voters just as in the days of Bull Connor. President Joe Biden said they made Jim Crow look like “Jim Eagle,” whatever that means.

At this rate, so many black voters are going to participate in the midterm elections that it will make it quite difficult for Democrats to continue pretending that evil white racist Republicans are preventing poor hapless negroes from voting. Of course, this does not mean they will not still try. Stacey Abrams has already started working the talking points, claiming that the high turnout only means that African Americans somehow overcame the brutal attempts to suppress their votes:

“Yesterday, we saw record turnout for early voting. Yes, we should be excited. But let’s remember what that means—it does not mean voter suppression does not exist,” she said while addressing what few supporters she has left.


Nevertheless, this will not be enough to blame voter suppression for the massive losses Democrats will probably take in November. So how will the party, along with their comrades in the activist media explain its defeat?

I think MSNBC media activist Joy Reid gave us a clue.

RedState’s Mike Miller wrote about how she explained why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has become popular with Hispanic voters. On Saturday, she tweeted:

This wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Proud Boys have all but merged with the Miami Dade Republican Party. Sociopolitically, Florida is basically morphing into Brazil.

The left has been labeling the Proud Boys as a white supremacist organization for years. Of course, this does not mean much as they label any organization or individual who disagrees with them as white supremacists. But she is essentially claiming that Hispanics in Miami-Dade have bought into white supremacy, which is why they are supporting DeSantis.


White supremacy will be the excuse they use for their losses.

Yes, they might still try to resurrect the Jim Crow 2.0 narrative, but it will not be their primary scapegoat.

The Democrats will claim they lost because of racism, sexism, transphobia, and all the usual suspects. Since they cannot admit where they went wrong, they will fall back on their typical habits.

It won’t be because they caused the economic woes that most Americans are dealing with. It won’t be because they are weak on the crime issue. The failure to handle the migrant crisis won’t even come up in their circles.

It will be white supremacy, pure and simple. Even when the polls taken afterward show how many racial minorities voted against them, they will claim it is bigotry that brought about their defeat.

The 2024 presidential campaign will start shortly after the midterms and white supremacy is what they will run on. They have nothing else to base their campaigns on, and it is unlikely that 2023 will give them much ammo. Unfortunately for them, this strategy is not going to pay the dividends that it once did in the past. As of now, the Democrats’ future is rather bleak.


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