Hollywood Wingnut Bette Midler Hysterically Tells 'MAGA Women' to Move to Iran

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The best part about unhinged Hollywood has-beens like Bette Midler, Cher, Chelsea Handler, et al., is twofold. First, how seriously they not only take themselves but also, how seriously they assume others take them. Second, their total ignorance of how much they entertain the rest of us with their silly venom.


The no-longer-“Divine Miss M” must’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed Friday morning. That, or perhaps her mental state was “altered” for any number of other reasons.

Either way, Midler went after “MAGA women” with a vengeance, hysterically declaring they should “move to Iran” if they vote Republican. All upper-case–in three colors–on a black background, no less.


Damn. Ol’ Bette just made Joy Behar look like a piker.

Incidentally, ever notice left-wingers’ proclivity for “moving,” when they don’t like what’s happening or about to happen? How they’re always threatening to move to Australia, Canada, or wherever, if a Republican wins the presidency, and how they venomously tell Republicans to move to another country, if they don’t vote the way these self-important clowns think they should?

P.S. They never follow through on their ridiculous promises to vamoose, and I’m pretty sure many “MAGA women” will simply laugh hysterically at this latest bit of nonsensical Hollywood tripe.

Needless to say, Bettle Midler’s silly little, hateful rant drew plenty of return fire in the Twittersphere. These three are representative of the various responses:


Hi Bette! I want a country that lives by its constitution. I want a country run by a man or woman with a functioning brain. I want a country where all lives matter, including female babies, a place where eugenics is not the trend. I want a country I can afford to live in safely!

Silly Shannon [sarc], don’t you know that the bitterness of the left isn’t driven by facts, history, logic, or common sense? Nope, just misguided emotion.

And as I suggested, earlier…

Weren’t you moving to Canada? Is that where your [sic] tweeting from?

Twitter user “nelmsm” has a point, Bette. If you “forgot” to leave the country the last time you promised, I bet we can rustle up a few million people to help you pack — whaddya say?

This was one of my favorite reality checks, for a millionaire who hasn’t lived in the real world in decades:

As an Iranian woman, I’d appreciate it if you stopped using us to prove a point. We’re literally fighting for our lives here trying to liberate ourselves while you think it’s okay to use us as a gotcha moment. that’s not very feminist of you.


Naz and other Iranian women are irrelevant to Bette Midler, other than as the worse “example” that her bitterly-riddled brain could come up with at the time, in a weak effort to ridicule Republican women.

I’ll just apologize in advance for wasting your time with silly Bette Midler crap. Then again, it never hurts to revisit “Planet Hollywood” every once in a while to see how “the other half” lives, thinks, and spews.


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