Bette Midler Goes Off the Rails Even More Than Usual; Asks God to 'Let Biden' Beat 'Racist Criminal' Trump

How can I put this tactfully? There are Hollywood Looney Tunes, and then there are Hollywood Looney Tunes. We’re talking out there. The hyper-bitter, frothing-at-the-mouth Hollywood loons. The hood ornament of that Hollywood Looney Tunes clown car is Bette Midler.


Nobody launches into hilarious incomprehensible tweet storms better than Midler — along with her whacked-out pal, Cher, of course, but we’ll get to her in a few minutes.

As is the case with all of Planet Looney Tunes, no one more sets Midler off than Donald Trump. On Monday night, with a week to go before the election, ol’ Bette decided to turn to God Almighty and ask him (had to toss gender in for the lefties) for a little favor.

In one hilarious “please and thank you” tweet, Midler beseeched the Lord to please let Joe Biden beat Trump. Or as Midler referred to the president, that “racist criminal who hates democracy and kills out citizens.”

“Are you there, God? It’s me, Bette. I’m so scared God. We have a fascist in the #WhiteHouse, a racist criminal who hates democracy, denies science & kills our citizens! #ElectionDay is next week. What if he wins? We won’t have a country! Please let #JoeBiden win. Thank you.”

Aw, bless her heart. The “Thank you” was a nice touch, don’t you think? Although, “Your friend, Bette” might have cinched the deal. You know, personalize it a bit more.


While it’s unclear when Bette made the decision to turn to the Almighty to ask for help in beating the Devil’s spawn, there are signs that she “found religion” sometime in the previous 24 hours, as evidenced by the following un-God-like tweets.

Hmm. I wonder who the “him” is and what he did this time to set Bette off?

Did I mention that Bette’s not very fond of Fox News host Sean Hannity, either?

While the following tweet contains strong language, I included it as a perfect example of how the Left runs with unfounded rumors — some of which originate in Tinsel Town — but only when those rumors suit their TDS-riddled purposes.


One of this bombastic clown’s more memorable histrionic hissy fits began on the second night of the Republican National Convention in August when she tore into First Lady Melania Trump and her speech on the convention floor. Classically “Devine,” huh?

Those three tweets are as perfect an example as there is of the hypocrisy of the Left and the Democrat Party as a whole. After all, Democrats are “the party of women.” Democrats open their arms to immigrants — both legal and illegal. Can you imagine the fallout if any known conservative would tweet comments like that about a Democrat First Lady?


The ugly little non-secret secret is the Left loathes conservative women. The same way they loathe conservative people of color and conservative members of the LGBTQ community. And conservative everybody else who is supposed to live on the liberal plantation. And here we have an even more “beautiful” example in Midler attacking an immigrant. Why I thought only Donald Trump was xenophobic?

Political cartoonist Branco had thoughts about Bette’s candidate Joe and his whole schtick about growing up in Scranton, PA; how he’s “common folk” — not like the evil “rich guy” Donald Trump.

As I said at the top, Midler’s pal Cher is in the same league when it comes to losing her marbles over all things Donald Trump. As I reported in an article titled Comedy Gold: Cher Stumps for ‘Joe’ Cuz He’s ‘Gonna Get the Freedoms Back’ That Trump Took Away From You, America, on Sunday, Cher delivered a hilarious speech in support of Biden during a campaign event in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Check out the video in the article — just for the laughs.

The bottom line.

Are people like Bette Midler, Cher, and the rest of the Hollywood loons important in the larger picture of what we as a country face in just six days? Do they matter? Of course, not.


But what does matter is, as Rush Limbaugh always says, allowing them to spew their often-bitter nonsense as much as possible. Why? Because the more they talk, the more that voters on the fence — voters who live in the sometimes wishy-washy middle — see what the Left is all about. The twin hood ornaments of the left-wing clown car are among the best examples at our disposal to do exactly that. That is never a bad thing for conservatism. On the contrary, we should help middle-of-the-road voters see it — every chance we get.


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