The UK's NHS Warns: Most 'Trans' Kids Are Going Through a 'Phase,' but Biden, Democrats Back Irreversible Mutilation

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Perhaps in a total panic over the likely beatdown about to be delivered to the Democrats in the midterms, just two weeks from today, as I write, Joe Biden on Monday despicably endorsed the once unthinkable by all moral people: irreversible mutilation of pre-teens who claim they’re “transgendered.” And by “irreversible mutilation,” I’m talking about double mastectomies, hysterectomies, and castration. Got it, liberals?


As reported by the New York Post, state efforts to curb “gender-affirming” treatment of trans kids are “outrageous” and “immoral,” Biden told a panel of social media influencers. “As a moral question and as a legal question, I just think it’s wrong.”

The question is, did Biden realize what he was endorsing, or did he just read his daily talking points from his trusty cue card? The even better question is, does it really matter?

Biden and the Democrat Party have consistently supported and eagerly promoted the entire sick “transgender” movement from the beginning. Yet, as I reported in early October in an article titled, “Will the LGBs Kick the Ts to the Curb?,”  it appears that all is not well in the LGBT community, itself.

Despite the efforts of the Democrat Party, Hollywood, the liberal media, and even our children’s schools, to normalize “transgenderism,” including “gender reassignment” surgery, LBGs — lesbians, bi-sexuals, and gays —are increasingly at odds with the Ts, especially now that young kids and teens are becoming victims of a movement gone too far.

Not only has the obscene movement gone too far; National Health Service experts in the U.K. are warning doctors that “most children who believe they’re transgender are just going through a “phase,” and that doctors and others shouldn’t encourage them to even change their names and pronouns. Joe? Any comments, “Jack”?


Via Yahoo News:

NHS England has announced plans for tightening controls on the treatment of [kids] under 18  questioning their gender, including a ban on prescribing puberty blockers outside of strict clinical trials.

The services … will be led by medical doctors rather than therapists and will consider the impact of other conditions such as autism and mental health issues.

The plans, which are currently under public consultation, are for an interim service for young people with gender dysphoria whilst Dr Hilary Cass continues her review into the treatment offered by the NHS.

They note that there is a need to change the services because there is currently “scarce and inconclusive evidence to support clinical decision-making.”

NHS England has advised that even social transition, such as changing a young person’s name and pronouns or the way that they dress, is not a “neutral act” and could have “significant effects” in terms of “psychological functioning.” Parent groups and various professionals have long raised concerns that NHS medics have taken an “affirmative” approach to treating children, including using their preferred names and pronouns.

And again, here’s the key: NHS says its new clinical approach for young children will  “reflect evidence that in most cases gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence,” and doctors should be mindful that this might be a “transient phase.”


How [expletive deleted] many times have the moral among us virtually screamed the above from the rooftops? How many angry parents have fought school boards over the sick crap they attempt to feed young children — often while trying to hide it or even telling parents it’s none of their business what public school “teach” their children? It is insanity, and it must be stopped. And rest assured that Joe Biden and the Democrat Party — the “party of children,” no less— will fight us every step of the way.

As my colleague Jeff Charle wrote in a RedState VIP article, we must also fight against the left’s attempt to “manipulate our emotions.” The time is long past to end the madness.

This is yet another reason why we cannot allow the likes of President Biden to manipulate our emotions and shame us into accepting their malevolent ideas about gender. Most Americans know this is wrong – including those who vote Democrat. This is why progressives have to resort to manipulation rather than persuasion.

The Bottom Line

How ironic that on the day Joe Biden called efforts to block irreversible mutilation of kids’ bodies, “outrageous and immoral,” the respected, U.K. National Health Service warned doctors against even encouraging troubled or questioning kids to change their names and pronouns, much less their bodies.


I’d suggest that evil resides in the Democrat Party, but that would be “mean” and “uncaring.”


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