Don’t Let Them Shame You Into Supporting Child Mutilation

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Joe Biden was interviewed in the White House in the latest attempt by the pro-transing kids crowd to propagandize about how America should get on board with mutilating children. But the footage showed a tactic that is becoming more commonly used among proponents of encouraging transgenderism among kids.

The interview, conducted by NewThis News, featured Dylan Mulvaney, a Tik Tok star who rose to fame for filming a series called “100 Days of Girlhood” that documented his “transition” to becoming a female. His conversation with the president was fresh off his controversial appearance in a podcast interview with makeup company Ulta Beauty.

Mulvaney began by informing Biden that this was his “221st day of publicly transitioning.” Biden responded: “God love you.”

The Tik Tok influencer asked the president if he believed “states should have a right to ban gender-affirming health care,” which typically involves social, medical, and surgical treatments ostensibly to help a minor switch their sex.

Biden answered, arguing that it is “wrong” both legally and morally, to prevent minors from being subjected to medical and surgical procedures if they are suffering from gender dysphoria.

“I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that, as a moral question and as a legal question,” the president said. “I just think it’s wrong.”

Later during the conversation, Biden insisted that those pushing transgenderism among children are the ones with the moral high ground. “The idea that what’s going on in some states … it’s just outrageous, and I think it’s immoral. The trans part’s not immoral. What they’re trying to do to trans persons is immoral,” he said.

Biden went on to insist that every transgender individual should have the right to the “use of your gender identity bathrooms in public.”

He also said that people dealing with gender dysphoria should be more visible in the public arena, speculating that it might make the rest of the country more tolerant.

“People change their minds, people are just don’t know enough to know,” he said. “It’s not because of intellectual incapability it’s just lack of exposures.”

Of course, adults have the right to make whatever decisions they want about their bodies regardless of whether it’s a good idea. But the issue isn’t adults becoming transgender, the issue is foisting this ideology and lifestyle on young children who are too young to make decisions regarding their gender identity. This is precisely what is happening in K-12 schools and within medical facilities.

Many school districts across the country have been infusing the classroom with far-leftist ideas on sexuality and gender identity. Teachers are promoting the notion that gender is a fluid social construct. Men can become women. Women can become men.

But even worse, they are actively helping children suffering from gender dysphoria socially transition behind their parents’ backs. Indeed, they have policies prohibiting educators and staff from discussing a child’s chosen gender identity with their parents unless they have the kid’s permission.

But far from being immoral, protecting kids from being subjected to these treatments is absolutely necessary. While progressives insist that encouraging kids to “transition” to the opposite gender is beneficial for their mental health, the science says something much different.

There have been several studies in which researchers have found that the data regarding “gender-affirming care” for kids is inconclusive at best and proof that it is harmful at worst.

Proponents of these types of treatments say they are critical when it comes to decreasing the likelihood that these children will commit suicide. This is why they support the “affirmation-only” approach in which doctors and therapists will immediately affirm a transgender identity if a child indicates they may be experiencing gender dysphoria. In many cases, they don’t even stop to consider that there might be other issues causing the problem.

Before the world went insane, medical professionals were not so quick to recommend puberty blockers or surgeries. They used talk therapy. They employed a “wait and see” approach in which they didn’t take any permanent action while the person was still a minor.

The reason for this is because, as 11 out of 11 studies have proven, over 90 percent of children experiencing gender dysphoria symptoms grow out of them by the time they become adults. This means there is no need to put these kids through procedures that are typically irreversible.

“Among those diagnosed as having gender identity disorder, 67% no longer met the diagnostic criteria as adults; among those subthreshold for diagnosis, 93% were not gender dysphoric as adults,” according to Medscape.

Even further, progressives use emotional blackmail to shame folks into accepting the use of “gender-affirming care” by telling them that if children are not subject to these treatments, they will most likely kill themselves. However, even this claim is suspect. From the study:

The urgency to put gender-dysphoric youth through gender reassignment despite the dearth of evidence appears to stem from the notion that if we don’t intervene medically and in short order, these youth will commit suicide. However, studies using quality data reveal a markedly different reality.

While gender-dysphoric youth do have elevated rates of suicidality, it’s not uniquely high. In fact, it’s roughly similar to the rate of suicidality found in populations of youth referred for other mental health conditions. Quality long-term studies that explored whether transition leads to reduced suicidality have not been able to demonstrate a reduction.

This is yet another reason why we cannot allow the likes of President Biden to manipulate our emotions and shame us into accepting their malevolent ideas about gender. Most Americans know this is wrong – including those who vote Democrat. This is why progressives have to resort to manipulation rather than persuasion.


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