Ted Cruz Masterfully Mocks Biden's Warning About Non-Existent Gas Price 'Gouging' in Wake of Hurricane

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have been a target-rich environment for conservative political writers since the 2020 election campaign, and over the last, nearly 10 months, most of our articles have pretty much written themselves. For Texas Senator Ted Cruz, it’s been an effortless walk in the park.


Biden being Biden, he once again wasted no time rushing to warn against gas price “gouging” in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Ian. As far as I can tell, Biden had no evidence to support his silly warning. Then again, the old buck-passer never has had evidence, most recently blaming “price gouging” as one of his many excuses for out-of-control gas prices. Other Biden “gas price hike bogeymen” were Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and, hysterically, the Republican Party.

And Cruz being Cruz, he handily blistered Biden and Democrats for blaming inflation, in particular, gas-price gouging, on everyone and everything but the disastrous Biden presidency. During Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show,” Cruz took it to the rim against the lies and hypocrisy — in classic style. His relevant comments begin around the 6:10 mark.

It is very much self-inflicted. And, unfortunately, we’re seeing, right now, shameless demagoguery. If you look at inflation, inflation writ large is always caused by one thing, and that is the government spending too much money, borrowing too much money, and printing too much money. And when you have what we’ve had the last year-and-a-half, which is trillions and trillions of dollars in a wild spending spree, the effect is what we’re seeing, inflation across the board.


Now the amazing thing, Guy, Joe Biden campaigned, when he was campaigning for President, he campaigned promising to do exactly this, he said he would end oil and gas drilling both onshore and offshore on federal lands, that he would shut it down.

He promised the radical environmentalists he would use executive orders and regulations to implement the Green New Deal and to hammer oil and gas production. And that is a promise that he is committed to. He has hammered oil and gas production, including, critically, putting enormous new burdens for producers to get either debt financing or equity financing.


Let’s go to CNN for a substantive rebuttal of Ted’s observation. Just kidding; that’s not possible.

Cruz continued:

And he’s counting on the dishonest corporate media to repeat his silly lies that it’s the local neighborhood gas station owner that just magically decided, you know, $5 a gallon is what I’d like to charge. Apparently, the big, bad oil companies, they didn’t want to make profits when Donald Trump was President. They didn’t want to make profits when anyone else was president. It’s just when Joe Biden became President, they said, hot diggity damn, let’s make us some money.

Ted Cruz: 1, Biden and the Democrats: 0. Final score.

As I suggested at the top, Biden has blamed price-gouging throughout his disastrous presidency, and record inflation — and not just in gas prices — he has continued to anger tens of millions of everyday Americans. As RedState reported in June, Biden claimed shipping companies were “price gouging,” but his charges were belied by the facts. As we reported in July, he blamed Republicans for inflation, and also in July, he ridiculously threatened to use his emergency powers against oil companies.

Even Federal Reserve economists have destroyed Biden’s “oil company profiteering” excuse for high inflation.

The Bottom Line

Biden and the Democrats are frantic to blame their own crises on everyone and everything but themselves, for one — make that two — simple reasons: the quickly-approaching midterms and the 2024 general election ballot boxes.


But as Ted Cruz clearly pointed out, that ship has sailed — and with it, likely, the Democrat House majority and possibly, that of the Senate.

The 2024 presidential election will be in reach. You know what comes next, right?

Let’s not screw it up.


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