Welp, This Aged Well: Biden in 2021 Said 'Climate Change Will Be at the Center of Our National Security...'

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As Vladimir Putin’s forces continue to strengthen their positions around Kyiv — despite predictable protestations from predictable keyboard warriors to the contrary — and gas prices across America continue to skyrocket, I thought we might take a short ironic trip in the Wayback Machine. Just for “fun.”


After anointing Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s woefully inept husband, former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and a member of the National Security Council on January 23, 2020, Joe Biden three days later mumbled — yes, mumbled — the following:

Look, this executive order I’m signing today also makes it official that climate change will be at the center of our national security and foreign policy. With Secretary Kerry as our special presidential envoy for climate. [ROFL emoji]

With him, the world knows how serious I am about… my… uh… appointing one of America’s most distinguished statesmen [10 ROFL emojis], and one of my closest friends, speaking for America on one of the most pressing threats of our time.

Yeah, no, Joe.

Where to begin…

Distinguished statesman? How so? By doing what? Accomplishing what?

John Heinz-Kerry has always been and remains a bumbling, out-of-touch, self-aggrandizing fool. Given that he has always been one of your best friends, Joe, as you say, does that ring a bell? Hit a bit close to home? The world laughs at John Heinz-Kerry the same way it laughs at you, Joe. As you like to say, I’m not joking.

And, Joe? Setting aside the whole “existential threat to mankind” schtick you liberals are so fond of, for just a minute, do you think maybe $6-per-gallon gas is a “most pressing threat,” too? Or maybe sucking up to the mad mullahs in Iran and the corrupt socialists in Venezuela for their oil — after you have spent little more than a year killing one pipeline and threatening others? Please.


Let’s catch ourselves — and Joe — up to date, shall we?

As RedState reported on Friday, Biden’s efforts to strike a new nuclear accord with Iran — with Russia in the role of chief mediator, no less — has fallen apart, a development likely to further exacerbate oil prices.

Meanwhile, as we reported on Thursday, the White House continues to be blasted — and ridiculed — as Biden, Buttigieg & Co. continue their nonsensical narrative about EVs — electric vehicles — as the magical panacea that would immediately assuage the concerns of tens of millions of Americans burdened by ever-increasing gas prices.

As we also reported on Thursday, Putin sniveled over the “economic warfare” that Team Biden long threatened, yet waited until after the Russian dictator’s brutal invasion of Ukraine was well underway to begin to implement.

Look, here’s the bottom line:

While Putin’s forces stepped up their bombardment across Ukraine early Friday, targeting locations far from the front lines while continuing to pummel cities already devastated by fighting on multiple fronts, it’s not as if Joe & Co. don’t have other important issues with which to concern themselves.


One such issue, as we reported on Thursday, included White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki trotting out to the podium to condemn the Florida legislature’s passage of a bill banning schools teaching five-year-olds about homosexuality and transgenderism as “bullying and horrific.” See what I mean, America? Joe is working for you — working for all of us —  to make America a better place.

Perhaps former Fox News and “Today” host Megyn Kelly said it best, earlier in the week:

Biden has had it wrong from the beginning on energy. He was more worried about the wrath of Greta Thunberg than Vladimir Putin.

But, hey. Distinguished statesman and bon vivant extraordinaire John Heinz-Kerry will have us out of this little squeeze in no time at all — right, Joe?

Joe? John? Hello?



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