Biden Commerce Secretary Claims Joe's 'Leadership' Has Led to 'Greatest Resurgence in an Economy' Ever

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Jedi mind tricks, America?

If you think the economy is in terrible shape, energy prices are through the ceiling, the supply chain crisis continues in some areas or for some products, and millions of workers walked away from their jobs in 2021, it’s not your fault, America. And it’s not Joe Biden’s fault, either. The real culprit? COVID-19.


That’s right, gang — according to Biden Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, who suggests the perception that the economy is struggling and the reason why people aren’t feeling this “very strong” economy right now is all because of the pandemic, as reported by The Right Scoop.

Here’s Ms. Raimondo, ‘splaining the situation:

Oops… my mistake. Apologies. Actually, here’s what Raimondo said:

Under the president’s leadership he has overseen the greatest resurgence in an economy his first year in office — greater than any other president that we know of. [ROFL emoji]

So what I believe is we just have to stay at it and continue to create good jobs [the government does not create jobs], continue to un-stick the supply chain [un-stick”?], continue to get folks vaccinated [ROFL emoji],  and over time, the people will start to feel better about that.


Um, if we’re experiencing “the greatest resurgence in an economy” ever, then why can’t reasonably intelligent people see it? Because Gina Raimondo is trying to peddle a complete crock of crap. Still, she persisted:

I can’t speak for the president but I think that’s how he feels. He spends much less time looking at polling numbers than he does, looking at unemployment, wages, supply chains.

You know he spent his day yesterday talking to CEOs, grilling them (ROFL emoji] on questions about ‘what more can we do’ to move packages.

So, you know — folks wanna feel it in their lives and I think that six to 12 months from now, they will.

Six to 12 months?

This is the same Gina Raimondo who, in May of 2021, said the economy had a “long way to go” to recover from COVID. Now, she says Biden has overseen the greatest resurgence in an economy basically ever, but that the folks won’t “feel it in their lives” for up to a year?

Very confusing, huh?

With apologies to the delusional Gina Raimondo, that’s Bidenomics for you, America. Deal.


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