America's Latest Poll Numbers on the Economy Spell Even More Trouble for Biden and the Democrats

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We’ve been covering the cratering of numbers for Joe Biden and we keep wondering where the bottom is. Because it just seems to be getting worse and worse for him on a variety of different measures.


But a new Fox survey is showing some more bad numbers for him, particularly when it comes to the economy. And one of the things that is most telling in this survey is how much he’s dropped with Democrats.

The White House has basically been blowing off the horrible inflation numbers but the survey says that nearly nine in ten voters are worried about inflation — 87% are extremely or very concerned. So the White House blowing it off and spinning it as somehow a sign of how successful Biden has been with the economy isn’t working. Americans understand it’s a problem and they see the rise in prices and the empty shelves.

73% of voters — the highest since the height of pandemic in May when everything was closed and people were being thrown out of work — rate the economy negatively — and three times as many are falling behind as getting ahead financially — 39% vs. 14% percent. The 39% falling behind is up from 27% in June.

If you’ve been hearing about and/or seeing empty store shelves yourself, it isn’t just you, the survey found. 71% are reporting empty shelves, 55% are reporting slower delivery times and 83% say their grocery costs have risen. Of that last group, 43% say they’ve risen by “a lot.” It’s why Biden earned #EmptyShelvesJoe as a new nickname.


If you’ve been worried about the rising prices at the pump, you’re also not the only one. A massive number — 84% — say that’s a problem for their families, with 50% saying it’s a “major” problem. Virtually everyone — 94% — thought such rising gas prices a problem for the country’s economy including 67% calling it a “major” problem.

It’s why his approval on the economy has dropped by 21 points in the past month, going underwater, at 39-59%.

While we’ve pointed out how a lot of this has come from independents, he’s also taken a big drop among Democrats — 11 points which, in a month and among Democrats, is pretty huge. Among Democrats, his net favorability has dropped a lot from the faithful — it is +68 now vs. +91 in April. That’s a big sign of trouble and it’s going to hurt them come the midterms in enthusiasm.

Biden’s also receiving bad numbers on virtually every other rubric, according to the Fox survey.

The president receives his worst ratings on immigration (34-62 percent) and border security (35-61 percent). He is also underwater on foreign policy (40-57 percent), taxes (40-56 percent), and national security (44-53 percent). [….]

Three-quarters worry about political divisions within the country (76 percent), and they don’t think Biden is helping: more disapprove (56 percent) than approve (41 percent) of the job he’s doing unifying the country.


The only thing where he is barely above water is with the Wuhan coronavirus response — 51-46%.

There’s an old saying from the Clinton days — “It’s the economy, stupid.” And that’s always the bottom line.

With the midterms coming, one has to think that Democrats are behind the scenes just tearing their hair out about how to make Joe Biden look better to the American people. Now they could actually try to resolve some of the issues that have caused the problems. But since many of them are related to Biden’s actions, they’re sort of caught between a rock and a hard place on that one.



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