Biden Support Among Independent Voters Swan-Dives Into Ratings Toilet

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Oh, this is embarrassing.

Imagine what it must feel like to be Joe Biden. Aside from the mumbling, overall confusion, and total lack of self-awareness, of course. You first ran for president nearly 35 years ago. You endured eight years as Barack Obama’s stooge. Then, you — Joey from Scranton — finally made it. The brass ring was yours.


And you flushed it all down down the toilet in less than 12 months.

RedState has been there every disastrous step along the way. From Biden’s approval rating first dropping below 50 percent, to fewer than four in ten Americans approving of his job performance, to CNN and NBC desperately trying to prop him up, Biden’s fall has been precipitous — and it has been clear since day one:

Joe Biden was never cut out to be president of the United States.

Now comes the grim news that Biden’s recent dramatic decline in a key demographic is arguably the biggest blow yet: his approval rating among all-important independent voters dropped by eight points in just one week, based on findings from a new Marist poll.

As reported by PBS:

Perhaps the most alarming drop for the White House and Democrats heading into the midterm election year is Biden’s support among independents.

Two-thirds of independent voters disapprove of Biden, including half who strongly disapprove. Both numbers are up at least 30 points since he took office.

Just 29 percent of independents approve of his job performance.


Biden’s latest numbers are terrible across the board, as noted by PBS — and they couldn’t be falling faster.

Overall, more than half – 55 percent – of Americans disapprove of Biden’s performance, including 44 percent who strongly disapprove.

His disapproval ratings have jumped 20 points since he took office, reaching a record high this month.

The number who strongly disapprove jumped 6 points since a Marist poll conducted just one week earlier.

Along party lines, 95 percent of Republicans say they disapprove of Biden’s job performance, and while he enjoys support from 87 percent of Democrat voters, his disapproval rate among Democrats has climbed by seven points since he took office.

Is it any wonder? From continuing and growing concerns about Bidenflation to the hellbent efforts to jam his ridiculously-named “Build Back Better” socialist monstrosity down the throat of America, to rising doubts among voters about his health and mental acuity, Biden has a political fork (knife) stuck deep in his back and he’s not going to pull it out.


Despite the frantic efforts of the lapdog media to pull Biden’s sputtering biplane out its nosedive, the following headlines tell you all you need to know about the state of the failed Biden presidency.

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Are CNN and Even Kamala Already Throwing Joe Biden Under the Bus for 2024?

Turn out the lights, Joe. The party’s over.

Except for the continued lying, of course.



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