Are CNN and Even Kamala Already Throwing Joe Biden Under the Bus for 2024?

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Joe Biden has said that he will be running again for re-election in 2024.

Here’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirming it last month.


That’s the position of the administration even though he’s 79 years old, would be almost 82 years old on election day in 2024, and Americans have a lot of questions about his mental fitness right now for the office. Even the MSM asked Jill Biden about that, although she was completely dismissive of Americans’ concerns.

But in an interesting twist, when Biden’s running mate and his Transporation Secretary — both of whom have thoughts about someday being in the White House — were asked about him running again, they played dumb.

According to the Wall Street Journal, who interviewed Kamala Harris yesterday, she said that she hadn’t talked about it with him, that it wasn’t a topic they talked about or that she thought about.

So Biden has discussed running again with Psaki but not his running mate, Harris? If that’s true, that says a lot about the lack of a relationship between Biden and Harris, and maybe that he’s not considering her in the equation. It also seems to indicate that she’s not on board with the administration’s position on the subject.

But small wonder when you see moments like this happening:


Then there’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He was asked about Biden running again in 2024 earlier this month — again, after the Psaki pronouncement — and he tried to blow off the answer as well.

“It’s 2021,” Buttigieg said when asked about speculation over a Biden reelection bid. There has also been chatter about Buttigieg and Vice President Harris mounting presidential campaigns of their own in 2024.

“And the whole point of campaigns and elections is when they go well you get to govern. And we are squarely focused on the job at hand. I am excited to be part of a team led by the president and the vice president and I think the teamwork that got us to this point is really just beginning,” he added.

So Biden’s team doesn’t exactly seem like they’re on board with the idea. Small wonder since both Buttigieg and Harris want the job themselves and maybe think it’s their time to run in 2024.

Meanwhile, CNN also seems to be throwing Joe Biden under the bus. Chris Cillizza admits Biden’s advanced age and low approval numbers lead to speculation on the 11 Democrats who could replace him “if” he doesn’t run again. Do they see the writing on the wall, or what? But the people that they picked are such a list of fail, it’s almost as though they’re looking for people who are on level bad with Biden.


It’s a sad list if this is all they’ve got.

Kamala Harris
Pete Buttigieg
Elizabeth Warren
Amy Klobuchar
Roy Cooper
Mitch Landrieu
Gina Raimondo
Gretchen Whitmer
Phil Murphy
J.B. Pritzker
Stacey Abrams

They’re lightweights, failed running before, folks who have no national profile, or people who have become known for being horrible leaders during the pandemic. Of course, maybe the problem is that’s where the Democrats are at. They have no real bench with the guy they have in now being an utter disaster.

The NY Times did a similar article to that of CNN, running through some of the same names.

In other words, no one is standing out or particularly appealing. They’re wishcasting for someone who isn’t there.

There’s another name out there which neither article touched on — a person making a lot of noise saying: “Please notice me, think about me, pick me!” during this speculation game — and that’s Hillary Clinton who suddenly seems to be everywhere at once, commenting on everything, whether or not anyone wants to hear from her. I’d love a Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton rematch because the debates would be lit, with Hillary just melting down. But Democrats would be delusional to go with her because she would be crushed.

However, the most likely names being pushed to the fore seem to be the lightweights — Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. According to a Harvard-Harris poll from last week, they would not fare well against Trump.


Trump would also beat Joe Biden 48-45 percent. Americans doubted Biden’s mental fitness and almost two-thirds thought him too old for the office.

So however you slice it, it’s not looking good for Democrats if things stay on that course.



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