Joe Biden Spews Lies About the Unvaccinated During His Bumbling COVID Speech

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As RedState reported earlier, Joe Biden gave a speech today in which he outlined his “plan” to combat the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Included were outright lies about what is happening in South Africa, where the actual data shows dropping hospitalization rates despite the nation’s heavy caseload.


That Biden would take such an approach is hardly surprising. Like many others in positions of power, he sees the coronavirus as a perpetual crisis from which to benefit. Because Omicron’s apparent lack of virulence points toward a way out of the pandemic, the desperation in the president’s rhetoric must escalate. That’s because he needs a scapegoat for his failed policies, and the continued existence of the pandemic affords him the perfect one: The “unvaccinated.”

And right on cue, Biden attacked the unvaccinated in his speech, managing to pack a number of false statements into just a couple of minutes. Whoever typed this into the teleprompter for the president must have eaten his Wheaties this morning.

Once again, we get the same old anti-science spill about how the unvaccinated are putting others at risk. Yet, as I’ve written multiple times, not based on my opinion but based on objective sourcing, everyone spreads COVID. This ignorant idea that the unvaccinated are somehow putting the vaccinated at risk by interacting in public is pure nonsense. To the extent that vaccinations are necessary for some people, it’s because they themselves require protection. But someone getting vaccinated does not protect their co-worker from getting infected. That’s even more true now given how transmissible Omicron is.


Biden says this garbage, though, because it allows him to pit Americans against each other. That’s always the goal with Democrats. The unvaccinated also represent a distraction for the economic and foreign policy failures that have plagued the Biden administration. As long as there’s a pandemic and there are unvaccinated people, even those with scientifically proven natural immunity, the president feels as if he’s got someone to blame for everything. It doesn’t matter that his proclamations aren’t backed by data.

As to this notion that the unvaccinated are going to cause “more deadly” variants, we again have real-world data that counters that. While it’s possible a virus can mutate and become more deadly, it’s more common for viruses to become less virulent and more transmissible. That is exactly what has happened with COVID from Alpha to Delta to Omicron. Again, we have the actual data that shows that. Yet, Biden fear-mongers and demonizes anyway.

Misrepresentations about hospitals also made an appearance. Biden framed them as being overrun, with non-COVID patients needing care and not being able to get it. But I’m unaware of a single instance of a cancer patient or victim of a heart attack (those are the examples he gave) outright being unable to receive treatment anywhere due to having too many COVID patients. While that’s a favorite line of the left, it seems to lack much in the way of evidence.


But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Northwell Health’s CEO commenting on the situation in New York, where one of the country’s largest outbreaks is occurring.

In summary, Joe Biden is a liar, but it’s worse than that. He’s willing to lie in ways that directly and dangerously target normal Americans just trying to live their lives. A person is not evil for not being vaccinated and they do not deserve to be demonized. They are not putting the vaccinated at risk because…they are vaccinated. And besides, many of those unvaccinated people have natural immunity anyway from prior infection.

But Biden needs that punching bag, and he’s going to keep punching it until people say enough is enough. The best way to do that remains not complying with his edicts. Ignore this buffoon.


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