Democrat Gov. Advises Biden to Knock off the COVID Scare Tactics: 'Lead With Facts Rather Than Fear'

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As Joe Biden’s pathetic presidency continues to swirl down the drain at an ever-increasing rate and his Winter of Severe Illness and Death Discontent continues, at least one prominent Democrat has had enough of the fearmonger tactics of the one-trick pony-president — and said so on Sunday.


During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) told Democrat Party flak (host) Chuck Todd that after two years, it’s time to stop the hyperbolic nonsense and rely on the facts.

Science, as it were, as Dr. Anthony Fauci himself preached to America throughout the pandemic — until the facts no longer fit his political and power-drunk narrative.

You know, Chuck, we’re two years into this thing. And I think it’s really important that our leaders — whether they’re governors or mayors, local influencers — lead with facts rather than fear.

People just don’t react well to this ongoing environment of fear for two years.

Let’s lead with the facts. Look, the science-driven information people need to keep themselves safe with the individual freedom and local control that we deserve. That’s where we are at this point.

Narrative, governor, narrative — get with the Democrat program.

The good news? Biden won’t listen to a word he said.

Todd asked Polis what advice he would give Biden ahead of his national address on the Omicron variant on Tuesday, which will no doubt be another of Biden’s COVID Feagmongerpalooza. (Hit me up for the over/under, but bring cash.) Polis amplified his “facts not fear” advice, as transcribed by Breitbart.


I would say, ‘Stop talking about the vaccine as a booster; [talk] about it as three doses that are needed for effective prevention.’

People who’ve gotten those three doses in our Colorado data, which is similar to the national data, are 47 times less likely to die than people that are unvaccinated.

It essentially negates the risk. Nothing is risk-free in life.

How cute, bless his heart. Polis seems to believe Biden is capable of taking his advice. Moreover, the Colorado governor appears to ignore the overriding fact: Joe Biden does the bidding of Anthony Fauci.

The hapless president doesn’t have a clue about any of it. stumbles out to a podium or sits propped up behind a desk and reads what he’s told to read. All COVID advice he receives is filtered through Fauci and the COVID King makes sure that remains the case.

Polis also touched on gas prices and inflation — two other Biden crises facing the American people.

I’d also say, we need to focus on prices, increases in prices and costs that people across the country are facing. People are frustrated their Thanksgiving turkey cost 50% more, gas is $3.80 a gallon. Let’s show some relief.

In Colorado, it’s cutting vehicle registration fees, it’s making it free to start a business. We’ve cut taxes twice. So, these kinds of things that show that we’re doing what we can to make sure that families can get by and thrive.


Biden’s eyes would roll back in his head at this point, Governor. Just sayin’.

Come Tuesday night, the song will remain the same. Biden is expected to deliver a stark warning to unvaccinated Americans: Get jabbed or? We already know, Joe: Face a winter of severe illness and death.

Merry Christmas, Joe. Say “hey” to the good doctor, won’t you? Your wife, not Fauci.

Here’s the entire Polis interview.

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