CNN Host Insists CRT Not Taught in VA -- Sen. Rick Scott Schools Her With Facts

CNN Host Insists CRT Not Taught in VA -- Sen. Rick Scott Schools Her With Facts
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I’ve tried in vain to jump off the 24×7 bandwagon ridden by political pundits, lawmakers, and media outlets alike: the teaching (indoctrination) of Critical Race Theory in America’s schools. But just when I’m ready to take the leap, “one more” CRT nugget comes along that piques my interest and there I go again.

This is one of those “There I go again” times.

This time it’s perfect because it not only involves CNN and one of its premiere pretend-journalist CRT cover-up advocates; it also involves a conservative lawmaker delivering a blistering beatdown to CNN and one of its premiere pretend-journalist CRT cover-up advocates. This beatdown was so thorough and so well delivered it was damn near too hard to watch, even for this hardened political pundit.

The operative words being damn near — of course, I watched.

So, let’s first be clear about what we’re talking about here.

While various school systems might be technically correct in their denial that a class or course specifically named “Critical Race Theory” isn’t part of that school or school district’s Black history curriculum, basic tenets of CRT — teaching young white kids they should be ashamed of their white ancestors, for example, who might have owned slaves — are part of their respective curriculums under the guise of ostensibly teaching Black history.

We’re talking about wordplay, gang — and the Democrat Party is damn good at it.

OK, let’s get back to CNN and premiere pretend-journalist CRT cover-up advocate Brianna Keilar.

Spoiler: Keilar was in for a yuuge reality check when Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) stopped by her barely-watch show to straighten her out on a few facts.

Our story begins with the ass-kicking suffered by Democrat Terry McAuliffe in last week’s Virginia gubernatorial election. McAuliffe went down in flames, after having built his campaign around his belief that parents don’t have a say in the education of their children and that Virginia schools don’t teach CRT in the first place — a strategy that swirled down the toilet almost as fast as Joe Biden’s approval ratings.

Incidentally, Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin and Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears (in the feature image, above) have pledged to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Virginia schools.

CNN being CNN and Brianna Keilar being Brianna Keilar, the pretend journalist is among those pushing the dishonest narrative that because Virginia school boards don’t call their CRT-derived lessons “Critical Race Theory,” CRT tenets are not taught as part of Virginia school lesson plans. Complete and utter nonsense.

Keilar could not have been more smug and condescending — in other words, her usual self — as her only response (continually talking over the top of the senator) as Scott continued to read the facts, including those that mention Critical Race Theory by name, which is still posted on the Virginia website: “Just to be clear, it’s not in the curriculum in Virginia.”

Just to be factual, Ms. Keilar, you’re full of crap. How ’bout you drop by the Virginia Department of Education website and check it out for yourself? And don’t get me wrong — you can continue to lie to your heart’s content, no problem. Given that you work for “The Most Trusted Name in News,” and all.

Cultural Responsive Alternatives

Incorporate Critical Race Theory Lens

CRT makes learning more appropriate and effective for students from diverse backgrounds

Reconstruct imagery of African American males

Re-engineer attitudes and belief systems

Use strength-based education and communication techniques

Embrace Critical Race Theory

Engineer culturally-affirming physical and emotional classroom climates

Increase student awareness of high-frequency infractions

Teach code-switching in positive, nonjudgmental ways

Yup, there it is! Any questions, Ms. Keilar?

Speaking of lying News outlets, lying news outlet “journalists,” and Critical Race Theory, RedState reported last week on anti-CRT activist Christopher Rufo’s interview with Fox News in which he destroyed the ridiculous claim that CRT isn’t taught in many of America’s school systems.

It’s a “deliberate strategy,” Rufo said: “They have no choice” but to lie.

#ProTip for CNN: You might want to revisit that whole “The Most Trusted Name in News” thing.

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