Chris Rufo Rips 'Deliberate' Media Lies That CRT Isn't Taught in Schools

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Erstwhile Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, the Biden administration, the liberal media, and the radical left were sent several clear messages in Tuesday’s elections — none more loud and clear than the overwhelming rejection of the indoctrination of America’s school kids with Critical Race Theory and the insane belief that parents don’t have the right to speak out about the curricula at their children’s schools.


Prominent anti-CRT activist Christopher Rufo, in an interview with Fox News this week, said he has become a high-profile media target because he’s a “man with the goods.”

Rufo talked about his many combative interviews with liberal media outlets and the concerted effort by left-wing “journalists” to dismiss not only the continuing supercharged CRT debate but also the allegation (fact) that CRT is taught in schools across America in the first place.

“I developed a database now of more than 5,000 sources [from] every kind of institution in every place of the country. And once I started breaking these stories, once I started exposing what was happening in the federal government, in K-12 education, and Fortune 100 companies, people started to then see me as their voice because so many people within American institutions are scared to speak out against this.”

“I can be their voice on the outside,” Rufo told Fox, “I can be their advocate, really, because they’ve been bullied into silence.”

As is the case with Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin, Black conservatives like Larry Elder, Candace Owens, RedState’s own Kira Davis, and others, and conservative members of the LGBTQ community like Ric Grenell, Guy Benson, and Tammy Bruce, Chris Rufo terrifies the left because he not only destroys leftism with facts; he also has a large megaphone through which to speak those facts.


“Once this started happening,” Rufo explained.

“The process simply snowballed where I became the go-to repository of this information, all of these source documents, PDFs, emails, audio, video, everything. And then developed over time a vocabulary, architecture, platform in order to convey this story to the American people.”

Rufo pointed to race-obsessed MSNBC host Joy Reid as a perfect example of liberal media deception, noting that he has “outsmarted” and “outplayed them all.”

“You have Joy Reid putting my picture on her show every night, you have the Washington Post publishing ten articles directly attacking me, you have multiple New York Times articles, including some from the same author over a period of a few months denouncing me.

“But I think what the record has shown is that I outsmarted them, I outhustled them and then I outplayed them all, demonstrating that if you have hard evidence, if you have a supple mind and if you have a sophisticated strategy, one person with very little institutional support can expose the most powerful institutions in the country.

“[One person] can beat the really dishonest press that attempts to silence you and then provide a model for other people who know intuitively that something is wrong in our country but are not sure how to fight back. And to me, that’s been the lesson.”

Incidentally, this beatdown was over before it began:


And then Rufo’s most important admonition of all.

“We shouldn’t be afraid of them,” he said. “These people are resting on borrowed prestige from the past. They’re lighting on fire — the credibility of their institutions.”

“A side benefit of this campaign against Critical Race Theory is accelerating the conflagration of our prestige institutions that I think are losing their credibility on a daily basis.”

To that exact point, as we reported Thursday, Tony Kinnett, an administrator with the Indianapolis Public School System posted a short video on Twitter confirming the lies we continue to hear from school board members, Democrat lawmakers, and “mainstream” media sock puppets from coast to coast.

“As an admin for the largest school district in Indiana, here’s what we mean when we tell you that we aren’t “teaching” Critical Race Theory.”

Kinnett loses his job in 3… 2… 1…

Kinnett, who “writes the science curriculum for over 30,000 students,” explained that yes CRT is taught in IPS schools — as it is across the country — but not under the official banner of “Critical Race Theory.” Instead, Kinnett said, lawmakers, school board members, teachers, and the liberal media use other words — play deceptive word games, as it were — in an attempt to cover up the teaching of CRT.


This entire article illustrates the quintessence of the left.

CRT (disguised) is one of the many hills on which the left chooses to die — or get its ass handed to it in elections. Yet when caught and called out, leftists lie — denying they believe what they believe.

Just ask Joy Reid.


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