Colin Kaepernick Returns to Remind Us That Wokeness Is a Mental Disorder

Did you know Colin Kaepernick has a new Netflix special coming out? Yeah, me neither, but a clip was released, and it’s proof positive that wokeness is a mental disorder.


In it, you see Kaepernick walking around the set of a mock slave market, complete with actors in chains. Dressed in all black, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback then proclaims that being in NFL training camp is just like the slave trade. You see, they poke, prod, and examine you before paying you millions of dollars to play a game.

Also, I went to the doctor a few weeks back, and it was totally like slavery.

This is absurdity on a level that’s hard to diagnose. Does Kaepernick truly believe this nonsense? Or does he just like making lots of money from gullible executives? It’s probably both.

Note that there are thousands of jobs in existence that require a physical examination before a person can do them. Is the military equivalent to slavery? How about being a pilot? I was asked to pee in a cup and given a thorough physical a few months ago in order to renew my FAA medical. Am I now akin to a slave?

Let’s think even more critically, though. Real sports (i.e. not chess) exist as a test of physical prowess. There is a lot that goes into the mental side of playing in the NFL, but at the end of the day, if you can’t throw the ball more than 30 yards and have terrible footwork, you can’t play quarterback (or really any other position). That’s not discriminatory. That’s common sense.


Besides, teams do physicals on players before training camp for multiple, highly relevant reasons. For one, anyone coming in on a new contract has to be checked that they are healthy before those deals are finalized. Two, those on long-term deals have to be cleared for safety reasons to participate. Players desperate to solidify a starting spot may lie about an injury. Ironically, while Kaepernick compares it to slavery, teams are actually protecting the players by doing their due diligence.

I really don’t think this guy is mentally well, and there’s something gross about the fact that people keep feeding into his nonsense. At what point does it become exploitative on the part of Netflix, who will presumably make more cash off this special than Kaepernick will? Regardless, wokeness absolutely rots the brain.


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