Watch: Tucker Carlson Completely Destroys Democrats' 'My Body, My Choice' Hypocrisy

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his opening monologue on Thursday to torch Democrats’ histrionic reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on a new restrictive abortion law in Texas, upholding the law — which effectively bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected. As is usually the case when Carlson draws a bead on the Left, it was a classic beatdown. And a beautiful beatdown at that.


The Democrat Party is legendary for the depth of its hypocrisy; it knows no bounds. And what better example than the “my body, my choice” narrative? The buzz phrase comes in damn handy when referring to abortion on demand. Or as “devout Catholic” Joe Biden calls it, an “essential health care service.”

Carlson began his masterful beatdown with an “interesting observation, theory.”

The slogans they yell the loudest are the ones they believe the least. We’ve noticed that recently. Volume is inversely proportional to sincerity. You scream it because you don’t really believe it. How do we think this? Here’s why.

From that point on, Fox’s most credible host — IMHO — dropped white-hot truth on the Left.

The very same people who’ve told us for decades that it’s “my body, my choice,” and seemed to mean it— those people — immediately abandoned their own argument when COVID arrived. Suddenly they were demanding that we wear the mask and get the shot.

These weren’t optional suggestions. They weren’t deeply personal decisions to be made according to the dictates of individual conscience, after consulting with family, physicians, and clergy. Not at all. These were mandates. All of a sudden Democrats were arguing that actually, politicians do get to decide what we do with your bodies — it’s their choice, not yours:

“Inject these powerful drugs whether you want to or not because we own you.”

Whatever else that is, that is not a pro-choice position, to put it mildly. So as we watched this happen we wondered: what are these people going to say the next time so-called abortion rights are challenged in court? Now we know the answer.


The Supreme Court’s ruling came down 5-4 — Roe v Wade was a 7-2 split almost 50 years ago. This time, the Court upheld the Texas law banning abortion after a heartbeat is detected, which is typically about six weeks into pregnancy, While the law doesn’t allow Texas to enforce the ban, it instead allows citizens to sue abortion clinics that commit illegal abortions.

Tucker suggested that regardless of how someone feels about abortion, it’s hard to argue that the new law is radical — which is exactly what the Left is in apoplectic meltdown (lying) about.

Intentionally stopping a person’s heart from beating is the definition of killing. Government has a right to regulate that. Deciding when it’s OK to kill a person is, on the most basic level, the whole reason we have laws in the first place. So whether it’s right or wrong or whether you like it or not, it’s not a crazy statute. It did however drive the media crazy.

He then quoted hyperbolic comments from (smug as hell) CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell and a reporter.


It is nearly impossible to get an abortion in Texas. The most restrictive abortion law in the country went into effect after the US Supreme Court declined to act on a request to block it.


Abortion providers say Texas has essentially outlawed 85% of abortion procedures which will force many clinics to close. Amy Hagstrom Miller runs four clinics providing abortion services and is one of the plaintiffs asking the Supreme Court to intervene. […]

The law signed by Gregg Abbott bans abortion after a so-called fetal heartbeat is detected – usually around six weeks.


“So-called fetal heartbeat.” Democrat hypocrisy at its finest: embrace “the science” when it fits the narrative; ignore the science when it destroys the narrative.

“They didn’t tell you why it’s so important to stop fetal hearts from beating,” said Carlson. “They just asserted that it is.”

They didn’t say a word about how this violates your physical autonomy, how it’s your body, and therefore your choice. They can’t say that now—they’re for mandating vaccines and masks.

“Once they’ve decided you should die,” he added. “They won’t even admit that you have a heartbeat.”

You can’t tell them what to do with their bodies — politicians hands off my body. But wait. At the time same, they’re declaring their physical autonomy, they’re wearing their little obedience masks. You can bet all of them are vaccinated. They were told to get the shot, so of course, they obeyed. They don’t see the irony here. On the other hand, how could they?

“So few sane people are left [on the Left],” Carlson continued, “that you almost never hear sensible, logical rational argument [from them] about anything. ”

Bingo. Have you ever been sucked into a “debate” [argument] with a left-winger? Me, too.

The nanosecond you bring up facts, data, history, or logic is the nanosecond they lose their crap — bigly. Liberalism is about feelings. About how things should be. Facts and reality be damned.

“You just feel so sorry for these people,” Carlson deadpanned. “America is changing so fast that people over the age of 16 who aren’t on TikTok half the day just can’t keep up.


There was a time, like two weeks ago, that the Taliban were bad before they were a ‘critical member of the international community’ or talking daily to the secretary of state or national security adviser — or waiting for their American aid.


The American Taliban — that’s different. Unfortunately, unlike the Pashtun Taliban, no one in Texas is getting tens of billions in free weapons from Joe Biden. National Right to Life isn’t getting Blackhawks or 360,000 AR-15s. So, actually, it’s a little different to be the American Taliban. But is the Taliban still bad? No, they’re good. We need to update our talking points.

“Millions of America recognize this moment for what it is,” Carlson believes.

It’s proof that democracy does still exist — voters can decide what they want for their communities, their states, their towns, and courts will potentially respect that right. It’s called self-government. The legislature in Texas legislature has realized this for months now.

They’ve passed laws banning vaccine passports, homeless encampments, racist struggle sessions in school, protests that block emergency vehicles from riding down the road. Those are laws specific to Texas and what the people of Texas want and a lot of those laws are still on the books.

That’s not a bad thing, how is it a bad thing? Why should Texas have to be exactly like California?

That problem is if that kind of thinking spreads nationally it gravely disempowers the people at CNN and the so-called civil rights organizations that think they are in control of everything.

On the other hand, it might actually save civil rights for the rest of us and that might be a good thing.


Reality bites. The Left is well aware of that, which is why Democrats reduce themselves to hypocrisy. Then again, whether they get it or not is irrelevant. What does matter is that a growing number of Americans do.

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