The Freak out Begins After Texas Abortion Law Goes Into Effect

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A lot of good things are happening in Texas lately, and while the focus has been on the passage of an election integrity bill, the biggest victory for decency and good has come via a new abortion law. The law in question essentially bans abortion after six weeks and provides mechanisms for violations to be reported.


That has the ACLU losing its mind, and you just hate to see it.

The ACLU went on to claim the law is a “racial” catastrophe, which is code for “we are really mad more black babies won’t be killed.” It’s astonishing how so many abortion supporters have somehow convinced themselves they aren’t the bad guy in this equation.

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Take CBS News’ former “reproductive rights” reporter. In an absolutely shocking twist, she turned out to be a rabid pro-abortion activist.

Pay special attention to the assertion that the “damage is done” even if the law eventually gets blocked. What she’s talking about are the babies that will now get a chance at life for some period of time until a court possibly strikes down the law. To Smith, that’s irreparable damage because the children can’t be executed after birth. The sheer evil of such a comment is hard to critique in this setting as there are limits to how animated I can get in my wording.


Notably, Smith blocked me after I responded to her comments because these snowflakes can stump for killing children but they can’t handle any pushback of their ghoulish behavior. Guilty conscience, perhaps? For her sake, I hope so she still has the ability to feel at that level.

Then there was Rep. Cori Bush, queen of bad takes, who let it be known that this abortion ban (and yes, I’m perfectly fine calling it that) will disproportionately affect “queer” folks.

Now, I’m no biology expert, but I’m pretty sure “queer” folks are not disproportionately affected by this ban because I’m pretty sure they aren’t affected at all. You see, when someone is gay, they lose the ability to reproduce outside of artificial insemination, and no one has an abortion after artificial insemination. So what is Bush even talking about here?

I’ll tell you what she’s talking about. She’s a woke automaton, just spewing words without any meaning or thought. She’s also disapproving of the fact that fewer “black” and “brown” babies will be killed due to this law, which is odd considering her entire schtick is to scream “black lives matter” at every issue.


Frankly, as someone who is unabashedly pro-life and completely confident in my assessment, I love seeing these people squirm. They need to be made to face the realities of what they support, and laws like the one in Texas make them take a position they might otherwise obfuscate from. Want to kill babies because of some selfish, distorted idea of racial and economic justice? Then they should be made to own every bit of that position. Do not give these ghouls an inch.


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