Video: Dan Crenshaw Expands His 'Go F*** Yourself' Message to the Taliban

Video: Dan Crenshaw Expands His 'Go F*** Yourself' Message to the Taliban
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As if there was ever any doubt, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-BADASS TEXAN) is clearly among those more than fed up — damn angry — with Joe “Barney Fife” Biden’s seeming acquiescence to all things Taliban, as his disastrous Afghanistan debacle worsens by the day.

As my colleague, Brandon Morse reported on Tuesday, the former Navy SEAL, who in 2012 lost his right eye during his third deployment when he was hit by an IED explosion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, had a succinct, three-word response to the Taliban’s rejection of the pathetic plea from the Biden administration to extend the August 31 deadline for the removal of all U.S. forces from the hellhole country:

“Go f*** yourself.”

Crenshaw also tweeted that Biden’s latest fold-job to the brutal Islamist extremists would only make things worse. Naah, ya think? Joe Biden — of all people? — making things worse? Why I never.

By refusing to extend the self-imposed Aug 31st deadline, President Biden is potentially turning this disaster into something far worse. It could turn deadly for US citizens left behind.

I don’t care what the Taliban says, fight for our people until the job is done.

Crenshaw for the win. Again.

Welp, Crenshaw is back — with a few more “suggestions” for the hopelessly hapless occupant of the Oval Office, this time via video. The Texan also expanded his message to the Taliban, during a Tuesday interview with Politico, as reported by The Blaze.

“We will kill you.”

“We need to send a very clear message to the Taliban [that] we’re not negotiating about our deadline. That should be our message. We should laugh at them when they say, ‘Oh, well, that’s a red line for us, you need to be out by Aug. 31.’

“No, and if you get in our way when we are extracting Americans then we will kill you.”

“That is the only message that Biden should be delivering to the Taliban,” he added.

Crenshaw’s commentary and recommendations serve as yet another example of a basic foreign policy truth Democrats have never understood. Our enemies respect strength. “Being nice” to the bad guys — remember Barack Obama’s world apology tour? — not only doesn’t work; it usually makes things worse.

To suggest the Taliban, the Communists in Bejing, Little Rocket Man in North Korea, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin aren’t laughing their asses off at Biden’s ineptitude would be as hilarious as it would be wrong.

The depth of Democrat naivete in the belief that the U.S. can negotiate with ruthless radical organizations that burn women alive, fly planes full of people into buildings full of people — radicals for whom lying to infidels is a fundamental tenet of their twisted version of Islam — is profound in its ignorance.

Then again, consider who we’re dealing with. On “our” side — not the Taliban’s.

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