The Taliban Just Pantsed Joe Biden and Signaled a Coming Hostage Crisis

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News recently broke of the CIA chief meeting with the Taliban to discuss the ongoing disaster in Afghanistan, which RedState covered earlier. Now, the results of that meeting have been revealed.


A Taliban spokesman has given another press conference, perhaps mocking Joe Biden’s lack of press availability along the way, and he’s unequivocally stated that the terrorist group will not allow an extension of the 8/31 deadline to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from the war-torn nation.

The Taliban just pantsed the President of the United States.

This is incredibly embarrassing. The United States, led by Biden, is now taking orders from a rag-tag terrorist group who took over Afghanistan with bare feet and 40-year-old AK47s. It’s hard to imagine how this situation can get any worse, though, it undoubtedly will.

Further, what the Taliban have done here is essentially announce a coming hostage crisis. As a leaked State Department cable showed last night, the evacuation of American citizens is lagging way behind the pace needed to end the operation on 8/31. Many can’t even attempt to get to the airport and are effectively trapped behind enemy lines. There could easily be tens of thousands of Americans left behind unless a genuine miracle occurs. As the deadline approaches and ultimately passes, the Taliban have every incentive to start using those abandoned by the president as leverage. What do they have to lose?


We are quickly approaching a situation where open warfare is going to have to occur again unless Biden’s plan is really to just leave Americans to die. Actually, insinuating that he has a plan is probably being too kind. This is a bumbling, senile old coward with no idea what he’s doing. He and his handlers have been playing this off the cuff since the fall of Kabul, doing their best to not offend the sensibilities of the Taliban.

All these Americans could have evacuated 2-3 months ago before the Taliban were even an issue in Kabul and the surrounding areas. Instead, Biden waited until they took over the entire country to make a move. It’s an inexcusable show of dangerous incompetence, and those that are now bragging about the evacuation efforts are absolutely disgusting in their obfuscation from the reality of the situation at hand.

Regardless, the most important question remains: What happens after the Taliban effectively take thousands of American hostages at the end of the month? Does anyone think Biden has the backbone to act decisively? The Taliban obviously don’t believe he’s capable of holding them to account, otherwise they wouldn’t be openly mocking him and his demands at this point. Has the United States really been reduced to this?


The kind of collapse in stature we are witnessing on the world stage is going to have far-reaching implications. Yes, it means the Taliban aren’t going to listen to us in the short term and Americans will be in danger, but it also means China, Iran, and Russia are going to keep pushing the envelope. In fact, those three nations are now conducting joint military exercises. A new cold war is upon us, and there’s little reason to believe it won’t go hot soon enough.

In the end, one person is to blame: Joseph R. Biden.


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