Report: Taliban Now Blocking Westerners From Kabul Airport as Evacuation Deadline Looms

Report: Taliban Now Blocking Westerners From Kabul Airport as Evacuation Deadline Looms
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Before we dig in, as they say, here’s the thing: I can write 1,000 words or more on what I’m about to write about, and those words will not have any more impact — perhaps less — than Wednesday’s offering from my friend Michael P. Ramirez, IMHO the most brilliant political cartoonist on the planet.

See? Sums it up, perfectly, doesn’t it?

As the August 31 Afghan evacuation deadline looms ever closer, the panicked Biden administration on Monday sent CIA Director William Burns to Kabul to plead with the Taliban for an extension of the deadline.

The Taliban summarily rejected the pathetic “pretty please with sugar on it” plea, saying, in effect:

“Yeah, no. A deal is a deal. If your asses aren’t out of here by August 31, there will be consequences.” (I paraphrased, a tad.)

Biden promptly folded up like a cheap lawn chair, caved in to the Taliban, and undercut our allies. Again.

Hence, the brilliance of the Michael Ramirez political cartoon: Biden in a dress, taking notes, and dutifully (fearfully) responding “Yes sir” to the Taliban’s de facto leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar.

It just got worse. Way worse, reportedly.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, the Taliban have expanded their blockade of the besieged Hamid Karzai International Airport outside Kabul and are now blocking Westerners from getting to the airport, as well as Afghans, despite having repeatedly assured the Biden administration that “foreigners” would be allowed access to evacuation flights and would not be harrassed. (See: “complete crock of crap.”)

Needless to say, Corn Pop’s pal — Corn Pop was a “bad dude,” or so I’ve heard — continues to trot out to his little podium and trusty teleprompter on a near-daily basis and tell us yet again how the “Tollyybahn” have given his administration their “word” [ROFL emoj], precisely as the ruthless Islmastist extremists continue to lie their lying faces off, insisting they’re not doing exactly what they’re doing.

As the WSJ noted, contradictions abound, depending on who says what, and when.

A U.S. military official said the situation at the airport gates was challenging and that American forces were doing their best to allow people through when they were cleared. But charter flight organizers said the process was broken and that it was proving to be impossible to get people into the airport in time to get on their flights.

“It’s total chaos,” said Warren Binford, a law professor at the University of Colorado who has been working on various evacuation efforts. “What’s happening is that we’re seeing a massive underground railroad operation where, instead of running for decades, it’s literally running for a matter of hours, or days.”

“There is no way with the numbers of people on the ground that we will be able to get everybody out by Aug. 31,” said Alex Plitsas, a U.S. Army combat veteran working on rescue operations in Afghanistan.

“It’s a combination of tragic, surreal and apocalyptic,” said Stacia George, director of the Carter Center’s Conflict Resolution Program, who has been working round-the-clock to get people out of Kabul. “It’s so frustrating to get high-risk people up to the gate and have them risking their lives to go there and you still can’t get them through. It’s a disaster in slow- and fast-motion.”

“New Taliban checkpoints on the road to Pakistan have made driving out of the country increasingly risky,” added the WSJ, and “confusing bureaucratic hurdles have prevented countless people from leaving Afghanistan.”

And according to a report from Politico, the Taliban’s expanded blockades are catching not just Afghans,  “but American citizens,” as well —and “halting evacuation efforts.”

The bottom line?

As The Washington Post Editorial Board observed on Wednesday, “there may be only three or four days left for the gigantic airlift currently underway, because time must be left to fly out U.S. and other troops securing the airport themselves. Indeed, some troops have started leaving already.”

And Biden’s band plays on.

In addition to the disastrous scope of the Biden administration that has continued to unfold over the last seven months, the second-worst part — in my opinion — is the stark reality that nothing this inept guy does — purposely so, in some cases — doesn’t surprise us, anymore.  Even worse, we’ve come to expect it. We wait for the other shoe to drop. And whatever that shoe is and however hard it drops, we have resigned ourselves in some respects to just chalking it up to Biden being Biden.

But we no longer have that luxury. We can no longer simply chalk it up to “Biden being Biden.”

I would argue — as I suspect many of you would, as well, that Biden is clearly mentally unfit to lead America — and that reality is getting clearer by the day.

That is the most frightening part of all.

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