CODE RED: Jen Psaki's Whopper

I’m getting nostalgic for the “good days.”

Remember when all of the media went nuclear over a Trump press secretary overestimating crowd size?  Sean Spicer suggested the inauguration crowd was “the largest crowd ever” and the media jumped on that train and road it for a week. Media examined film like it was they forensically examining the Zapruder film. They head-counted like they were checking chads on Florida ballots.

It was a harbinger of coming events, but all that stopped when President Pudding was elected.

Fast forward to the current press secretary, Jen Psaki. She’s not Joe’s Baghdad Bob — that distinction is reserved for Nancy Pelosi. She’s more the court jester, hosting influencers, dropping nonsense talking points while tilting her head in a show of contempt like she’s cutting a TikTok video. Her claim that there are no Americans stranded in Afghanistan evoked almost universal guffaws. Almost universal. Don’t expect a Washington Post fact check on that. It’s just opinion.

To quote little Lebowski in The Big Lebowski: “Yeah, well, that’s just your opinion, man.”

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