'We Will Never Surrender': Afghanistan's Last Free Province Refuses to Fold to the Taliban

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

As the Taliban horror story continues to unfold in Kabul and other cities across Afghanistan, a little more than 60 miles away from the besieged capital lies Panjshir, Afghanistan’s last free province.


Moreover, Panjshir — which translates to “Five Lions From Persia” —  has never been conquered, either by foreigners, the Taliban, or the Afghans. It remains a liberated zone.

And if the Taliban decides to take on the lone free province, as reported by our own Hollie McKay?

The Islamist extremists are going to be met by armed, fiercely independent forces who — unlike the rest of the country, including its president — will not fold up like a cheap lawn chair and allow the evil bastards to waltz into their province, unopposed.

Ahmad Muslem Hayat, a former Afghan embassy defense attache in London, security expert, and Panjshiri native told The Post the people of Panjshir will pay the ultimate price rather than surrender to the terrorists.

“We will be resisting, not surrendering. We will never surrender. People in Panjshir will never surrender to terrorists — we will all die before that happens.”

As Hollie noted, a number of Afghan special forces and security personnel refused orders to put down their weapons and headed to Panjshir before the Taliban could seal the city’s entries and exits. And, as reported by BBC anchor and correspondent Yalda Hakim:

An anti-Taliban coalition seems to be forming, including Vice President Amrula Saleh and Ahmad Massoud, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud – they are in Panjsher [sic], about three hours drive from Kabul.

After relocating to Panjshir on Sunday, Saleh declared himself president of Afghanistan. Citing the country’s constitution, Saleh reiterated in a statement that “in the event of escape, resignation or death of the president, the FVP becomes the caretaker president.”


Ahmad Shah Mohibi, founder and CEO of Rise to Peace, tweeted a video of Massoud in Panjshir.

Ahmad Masoud in Panjshir valley with his patriots urging Afghans to join him for the freedom of their country. Ahmad Masoud is the son of the legendary nation hero of Afghanistan — Ahmad Shah Massoud.

The question is, how many “patriots” and how many guns, in addition to the number of armed Panjshiris?

Panjshir officials declined to give precise figures to McKay about the number of fighters they have in the area, but it is believed to be in excess of 6,000. What they lack is heavy weapons and support, something the officials said they never received from the now-departed president, Ashraf Ghani, and his administration.

The Reality

Given that the Taliban is now armed with sophisticated weapons, armored vehicles, rocket launchers, and military vehicles, as reported by India Today — compliments of the “yuuge” gift left behind by Joe Biden —Panjshir fighters and Afghans who fled to the province as the Taliban began to strangle Kabul would have a helluva time against “Biden’s” better-armed Taliban terrorists.


But, as Hayet said, the brave people of Panjshir will never surrender to the terrorists.

“Twenty years, and the US now has a Terrorstan,” Hayat told McKay, referring to an infamous nickname for Afghanistan. “Panjshiris will not — will never accept this.”

Meanwhile, as thousands of Americans remain trapped under Taliban rule, it appears that Joe Biden is scheduled for a long weekend in Delaware.

But, hey — take it easy on the old guy. After all, it’s been a pretty “tough” seven days for the completely self-unaware guy, what, with all that lying and buck-passing and stuff.

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