EXCLUSIVE: Video Report From Mazar-I-Sharif as Taliban Begins Governing

View from beneath (Credit: Hollie McKay)

What’s it like inside Afghanistan under the Taliban? Not at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, probably soon to be renamed, where the US evacuation continues; but deep inside the country where a near battle-free take over due to the old regime abandoning the country allowed the Taliban to enter open cities unopposed?  Today’s dispatch comes from Mazar-i-Shariff, the 4th largest city in the country where speakers announce that shop keepers should return to business, although not quite as usual.

View from beneath (Credit: Hollie McKay)


(EDITOR’S NOTE: If you haven’t seen Hollie’s video describing what happened when the Taliban came to town – and reporting about the Afghan army commanders taking bribes to surrender cities to the Taliban without a fight – it’s a must-watch.)



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