WATCH: Biden Doesn't Even Know That We Have Troops in Syria

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There were a lot of delusional things that Joe Biden said during his interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday.

We’ve covered some more of them this morning — from him thinking that the U.S. has secured the Kabul airport to claiming the Taliban are having an “existential crisis.”


But one of the other delusional things was that Biden, the alleged Commander-in-Chief, during the interview, didn’t know that we have troops in Syria. He was apparently trying to make the point that we didn’t need to have troops in Afghanistan to keep a lid on the terrorism threats from there and was using Syria to make that point. But he apparently didn’t understand that yes, we have troops in Syria exactly to curtail such threats.

From ABC:

BIDEN: It could be. But George, look, here’s the deal. Al Qaeda, ISIS, they metastasize. There’s a significantly greater threat to the United States from Syria. There’s a significantly greater threat from East Africa. There’s significant greater threat to other places in the world than it is from the mountains of Afghanistan. And we have maintained the ability to have an over-the-horizon capability to take them out. We’re– we don’t have military in Syria to make sure that we’re gonna be protected–

Joe Biden? Meet “Joe Biden” or whoever made up this report. Because it doesn’t seem like it was him since he doesn’t know about the troops.


According to Politico, there are roughly 900 troops there, including Green Berets, supporting the Syrian forces, literally doing a very similar job to the job the troops in Afghanistan were doing. Maybe Biden doesn’t want to mention them because they put paid to the idea that yes, a small amount of military remaining can do a lot of good things? That comparison would hurt the disaster that he’s left in Afghanistan. But I think it’s just that he has no idea and is just following the talking points.

This take from the Washington Post’s Josh Rogin might say it for all of us. Yes, the media seems to be throwing Biden under the bus with abandon.


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